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Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Event: Release Date, Start Time, Skins, Weekly Challenges, and Everything We Know

May 18 UPDATE - Added a new skin reveal for 'Black Cat Sombra'.

The Overwatch Anniversary 2021 event is starting soon. Every year, Blizzard recognizes Overwatch’s birthday with a multi-day celebration event and prizes running the gamut from ordinary sprays and icons to Legendary cosmetic items.

The Overwatch Anniversary event 2021 will be no different. As always, last year’s skins and prizes will be available to purchase during this year’s event as well. Unlike most years, though, Blizzard is keeping fairly silent on what to expect so far.


The official anniversary site still hosts 2020’s information, and the Overwatch social accounts haven't said too much about any plans. We'll update when we know more, but here's everything we know about the 2021 anniversary event.

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Overwatch Anniversary Event 2021 Release Date

The Overwatch Anniversary 2021 event release date has been confirmed as May 18. This event ends on June 8.

Overwatch Anniversary Event 2021 Start Time

Blizzard is nothing if not predictable when it comes to the time they launch events. With timings, we see things start around 5/6pm UK time, once an update has been applied on all versions of the game.

Overwatch Anniversary Event 2021 Challenges


One of the event’s staple features is the weekly challenge.

Each week, you’re tasked with winning a set number of matches and earn a unique cosmetic item as a reward.

Typically, the requirements ramp up with the value of the reward, e.g. you’ll win three matches for an icon, but nine matches for a Legendary Skin.

ALL Overwatch Anniversary Event 2021 Skins And Cosmetics

May 18 UPDATE - The third new skin has been revealed with a Black Cat Sombra skin. You can see it just below.

Every year, Blizzard graces us with new Overwatch cosmetics for the anniversary event. They're usually quite good ones too, with Legendary and Epic skins included in previous years. So far, we've seen Funky Baptiste and expect another one to get revealed around 6pm tonight (May 17).

Funky Baptiste Skin

Venus Moira Skin


Black Cat Sombra Skin

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