Overwatch: Best DPS Heroes Ranked

If you're a Tank or Support main looking for a change then it's time to become the Best DPS in Overwatch, well the best you can be anyway.

Maybe you're preparing for Overwatch 2 and want to experiment with a new playstyle. Whatever your reason for landing here is, it's always good to have an idea of who the best heroes are in each role, particularly DPS as you may need to fill a gap in your team composition.

Naming the best DPS can be difficult as they're all so different and have varying qualities but we'll do our best to rank the roster, bearing in mind, your best DPS might be your friends worst so it's all fairly relative. Here's what you need to know about the DPS role and some of our top picks.

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What Is A DPS Hero?

As a DPS hero, your goal is to support the team, whether that be by defending healers or helping tanks to push, you rally with the rest of your squad.

Within Overwatch there are a number of DPS heroes, many of which are completely different playstyles, objectives and more, for instance, Bastion can transform into a turret and mow down enemies, although, he needs protection, whereas Widowmaker is a stealthy Sniper.

Chances are you'll be able to find a character that fits you within the DPS role, simply because there's so much variety.

How Can I Be A Good DPS Hero For My Team?

The best way to be a good team player as a DPS is to be flexible. If you've been playing Overwatch a while, no doubt you've run into your fair share of players that just want to charge in and get kills, no matter the consequences.

If you're serious about playing and winning, you need to be able to communicate with your team and do what will benefit everyone, even if that means your sole purpose is to defend a support player.

The most important thing to remember as a DPS is that you are still playing a team game, it's easy to get carried away, try to stay as a unit, unless you create a plan with your squad otherwise.

Who Are The Best DPS Characters?

7 - Junkrat

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+ 7

I know plenty of people are probably shouting at their screens upon seeing this rank, I'm sorry, I've got a soft spot!

Although many categorise Junkrat as a bit of a button smasher, meaning he doesn't take much skill, this doesn't take away from the fact he can be extremely powerful, especially when played logically.

If you want to go the easy route then pick Junkrat and spam the attack bottom whilst placing as many traps and mines as you can, full transparency, you likely won't get the friendliest messages.

Otherwise, you can actually play as Junkrat methodically and place traps in common shortcuts, using mines to launch enemies off of the map, your choice.

6 - McCree

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McCree, although frustrating at times to play, he can be a solid choice. He requires accuracy so be sure to brush up on your aim like another hero further down this list!

His standard attacks aren't anything show-stopping but his secondary attack is handy. If you're able to stun an enemy with McCree's Flashbang, you can then use "Fan the Hammer" which unloads the entire chamber into an enemy, this can be deadly against lower HP heroes.

Above all else, his ultimate can come in clutch. If you hear the words "It's high noon" up against a McCree then you need to get out of his line of sight. Deadeye will target every enemy within view shooting each one with, a more common than not, deadly shot.

5 - Hanzo

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If you have aim like Robin Hood then Hanzo is your guy. He's an incredibly strong choice, when his lands hit, which in my own experience is never, though that's down to my own awful aim.

Hanzo can actually reveal enemies locations using a Sonic Arrow which shows those within the 9-meter radius.

His general attacks are okay and can pack a punch but his ultimate can be devastating. Dragonstrike unleashes a dragon that can pass through walls and buildings, severly damaging any enemy in its path.

4 - Ashe

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Ashe can get a bad rep sometimes but I think it's fairly unwarranted, she's a solid choice and can handle most situations, close quarters or long distances.

If you're planning on giving her a go, you may need to scrub up on your aim as she is fairly dependant on precision.

Her main attacks are pretty run of the mill but her ultimate is to be feared... BOB. A menacing name, I know, Bob is Ashe's sidekick who she can unless to aim at any enemies within his sights, he's also fairly tanky with a large health bar.

3 - Mei

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Mei has been pretty high on the list of best DPS since day one. She's a fairly simple character to pick up and on the easier side to play.

Her abilities include an Ice Wall which is brilliant for keeping back enemies or using up a Bastion's ammo, Cryo Freeze which encases her in ice whilst raising her health, perfect for a life or death situation.

Her main attack is fairly strong, a stream of frost which damages, slows, and then eventually freezes enemies in place, her secondary fire is a medium ranged projectile using icicles.

Mei can be a perfect pick when in a tight squeeze, such as during overtime, she can place down Blizzard which slows and damages all enemies in a 10-meter radius, freezing those that stay still, allowing her teammates to unleash havoc and potentially winning the match.

2 - Echo

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Echo is one of the newer faces to join the Overwatch roster and she's made quite an impression. This time around robots can't be kept on the ground, the 32nd hero can actually become airborne which with the right aim could become deadly for enemies.

Aside from her normal attack, Echo can also launch a cluster similar to that of Soldier:76. Be sure to keep an eye out for enemies that are injured, while playing as the newest addition you can use a Focusing Beam to deal high amounts of damage to those with less than half health.

Although all of these abilities are great, the thing that places Echo so high on our list is her ultimate Duplicate, which allows her to turn into the targeted hero for 15 seconds whilst being able to use their abilities, including ultimates.

1 - Tracer

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+ 7

I can hear the screams of disgruntled Overwatch players already, but hear me out! We all know just how annoying and infuriating a good Tracer main can be, they're basically undetectable and every time you feel like you're winning, she'll just Recall and gain all the health back depleted during your fight.

Tracer probably isn't anywhere near as powerful unless used by a skilled player but I think most players, new and veterans can agree how dangerous a Tracer can be, even when used by a less advanced player.

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