Overwatch 2 Tier List: Best Tank, Healer, and DPS for OW2 PVP

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Standing outside Ironclad, Gothenburg in Overwatch 2
Credit: Gothenburg, Overwatch 2
June 29, 2022: With the latest Overwatch 2 beta ongoing, we added Junker Queen to our tier list.

Overwatch 2 is finally set to release in the very near future, and with it being free for everyone, an Overwatch 2 tier list is bound to be a necessary reference for anyone looking to build the best team. Though character rankings are largely opinion-based and rarely backed up with concrete evidence, aggregated tier lists are most reliable sources of Overwatch 2 best pick advice.

Now that there have been significant changes to gameplay, it's time to crack out the tier list and see who comes to the top of the charts in each category. Of course, it's not set in stone. Overwatch 2 is still only in beta, so it's hard to say for definite who goes in which category. This is what we have to say thus far.

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Overwatch 2 Tier List - Best General Picks

Tier Hero
ATracer, Soldier 76, Doomfist, Moira, Genji
BDVA, Ana, Reaper, Reinhardt, Junker Queen
CSojourn, Sombra, Zarya, Echo, Mei, Sigma, Baptise, Hanzo, Cassidy, Winston, Ashe
DSymmetra, Torbjorn, Wrecking Bal, Pharah, Bastion, Brigitte, Orisa, Mercy, Zenyatta, Widowmaker

The tier list below is credited to Reddit user Figment- who aggregated the tier lists of various professional Overwatch players and community members. It's a few months old at this point, but it does include Sojourn, who was extensively tested during the Overwatch 2 beta period.

Doomfist is one of the best tanks according to the Overwatch 2 tier list.
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India, Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Tier List - Best Tanks

Tanks Hero
A Reinhardt, Orisa
BD.Va, Winston
CSigma, Zarya, Junker Queen
DWrecking Ball

Some of these tanks are map dependent, so it's hard to say for sure whether or not they should be played or not. Use your own judgment on the map, and pick who you think is best. Our tier list is a guideline.

Orisa is now incredibly powerful, as she was in Overwatch. Now, she has a javelin and she is a robotic warhorse who can't be stopped. Doomfist is also a brilliant choice as he is a very mobile tank that can be here, there and everywhere.

Sojourn is one of the best support characters according to the Overwatch 2 tier list.
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Robots in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Tier List - Best Support

Supports Hero
AAna, Mercy
BBaptiste, Moira

There are great healers out there, and some really not-so-great healers. Lúcio will always come on top. He has great map control and crowd control. He can do more booping than ever. Mercy will always remain a top pick due to her mobility as she can still fly around the map. Ana can be incredibly useful as she can flank and heal from afar, as well as use an anti-healing grenade to really mess up their rhythm.

Tracer is one of the best DPS characters according to the Overwatch 2 tier list.
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New York, Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Tier List - Best DPS

DPS Hero
SSoldier: 76, Tracer
AGenji, Hanzo, Sojourn, Sombra
BAshe, Cassidy, Echo
CTorbjörn, Symmetra, Bastion, Mei, Reaper
DPharah, Widowmaker

Soldier: 76 and Tracer are the perfect damaging counterparts to Lúcio's chaotic wall-riding mobile self. Overwatch 2 has included a movement passive for damage heroes, and that is very apparent when it comes to these two heroes in particular. This allows Tracer and Soldier: 76 to get to high ground, often without enemies realising.

Genji and Sombra are also great heroes as they can equally run amok, especially if Sombra can hit her hacks correctly. A lot of the heroes depend on the map, or whether you're confident with the hero that you are using. Such as Hanzo or Sojourn. You need to be able to hit your shots to be able to cause impactful damage.


Is Junker Queen Good In Overwatch 2?

With the June 2022 beta, Junker Queen is finally accessible in Overwatch 2, meaning we can place her into the tier list. Based on current community feedback she's a solid fighter, but nothing to warrant a spot in the higher tiers. Equally, there has been some criticism levelled at the speed of her Rollout ULT animation over on Reddit. Her position could easily change with some tweaks at launch, of course.

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