Diablo 4 tips for beginners

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A boss from Diablo 4
June 2 - You may be looking for some beginner tips now that the Diablo 4 early access period is here.

Diablo 4 can be an unforgiving experience for newcomers, so here are our Diablo 4 tips for beginners. Be it investing your resources in the wrong gear to not upgrading your potions, there are plenty of mistakes that are easy to make in the game.

From world bosses to Nightmare Dungeons, there's lots of challenging content to tackle in-game. Managing your resources early game is very important if you don't want to have a tough time after hitting level 50. We have a compilation of tips to make your Diablo 4 experience a whole lot better!

Important Diablo 4 tips for beginners

Here are the top five tips for players new to Diablo 4!

Preparation is better than failure

Don't rush into dungeons without stocking up on health potions. It barely takes any time to teleport back to the town and replenish your potions before going straight back into the dungeon. Additionally, you can upgrade your potions every ten levels, so remember to upgrade them for an easier time in hard content.

Sell all early-game gear

You should not spend too many resources on upgrading your gear in the early game. Until you reach the endgame, you will constantly change your gear. Keep switching to gear that has better stats and don’t worry about your build all that much until you hit at least level 50.

A dragon in Diablo 4
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Upgrade gear to overcome challenges

You can reset your skill points at any time and change up your build. If you are stuck at a boss or a dungeon, consider swapping your skill upgrades around and opt for a more defensive approach. Once you have a solid understanding of your abilities, you can remove defensive or self-sustain skills in favour of a more aggressive build.

Unsocket your gear before salvaging

Once you reach a stage where you want to find the best gear and reroll your stats, you should start salvaging items. If you want to salvage gear, always remove any gems that you slot into your gear before salvaging.

Use Region Progress to upgrade your characters

Diablo 4’s map has multiple regions with plenty of content. You want to complete all the challenges to get skill points, potion capacity, and even Paragon Points. You can use Paragon Points after level 50 and things you earn from the Region Progress menu.

Don’t rush your progress

It is very easy to get burnt out of a game if you play it too much and try to complete everything as quickly as possible. While it is fine to do so in a lot of linear games, rushing your progress in Diablo 4 can backfire.


You don't want to increase your World Tier if you are not ready as it will lead to a miserable experience. Take your time and make sure you have sufficiently powerful gear before you bump up the world level!

Most importantly, remember to have fun as you explore Sanctuary. Those are all the tips we have for you today. For more content, check out our guide on how to reset dungeons in Diablo 4. We also have a Druid build guide in case you are interested in the class’ versatile gameplay.

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