Square Enix Wants a PvE-Only Experience for Outriders

Does Outriders have PvP multiplayer?

Square Enix made its focus with Outriders clear from the start and even has a dedicated section on its Outriders FAQ page about whether Outriders will have PvP multiplayer.

And the answer is no.

Square Enix wants Outriders to be a PvE game only and said “The question of PvP is asked a lot, but right from the earliest concept, Outriders has been designed as a PvE game.

We’re committed to making the best single-player and Co-op RPG shooter out there.”

The goal is getting players to focus on building teams designed not just to overcome scripted challenges from the game world, but also to encourage exploration.

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Square Enix Wants a PvE-Only Experience for Outriders

Outriders has been in the works for several years now, and Square Enix had to delay it multiple times before launch.

Preparing environments and especially weapons for multiplayer PvP requires a complete re-balancing of weapons, not to mention additional systems in place to monitor and deal with cheating.

So it makes sense that there’s no Outriders PvP multiplayer.

That and the fact that Square Enix offered a definitive answer make it fairly unlikely we’ll see any PvP elements in the coming months.

Square Enix’s focus moving forward will be further balancing the game and working in bug fixes, among other things.

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[Source: Square Enix]

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