Outriders Vulnerable Effect: Here’s What Vulnerable Does and How to Make the Most of It

Outriders is all about maxing out your builds to combat hordes of supercharged enemies. Doing so will require a lot of planning, and an understanding of the many status effects that you can make use of. One such status effect is Vulnerable, which is an effective way to boost your damage for a short time. In this Outriders Vulnerable guide we’ll be explaining what Vulnerable does and the best ways to use it. We’ll also take a look at increasing your Vulnerable output, so that you can maximise your damage output.

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Outriders Vulnerable Effect Explained

Vulnerable is an important status effect to consider when putting together your builds. Vulnerable is described as follows:

  • Vulnerable - Damage Received increases by 25% for 10 seconds

Vulnerable is great for setting up boss kills, especially if you’re in a team. You can significantly increase all damage dealt, just by landing shots. 10 seconds is a decent window to attack, especially when paired with skills like Blighted Rounds.

How to Increase Vulnerable Effects

To make sure you’re inflicting Vulnerable as often as possible you will want to make sure you have mods that activate it. Add them to your weapons and armour. Some classes also have skills in their skill trees that can activate increased Vulnerable effects. Just spend your Class Points in these areas to focus on Vulnerable.

That’s all you need to know about the Vulnerable effect in Outriders. For more help with the game check out our guide on how to fast travel. Elsewhere there’s our look at the full Outriders Mission List.

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