Outriders Fast Travel Explained

Outriders fast travel is a bit more involved than just opening the map and picking a waypoint.

In fact, you can’t fast travel from the map at all.

Instead, Outriders fast travel makes you find one of two specific items, an Explorer Flag or a Return Point.

Outriders’ Explorer Flags are scattered in different regions, usually with several in a given region.

They’re often in the open and may be surrounded by enemies.

However, you can’t capture or use the Explorer Flag during combat, so you’ll have to clear the area first.

Return Points are different and shouldn’t be used if you have unfinished business in an area.

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Outriders Fast Travel: Explorer Flags

Once you’re free to do so, interact with the Explorer Flag to capture it.

Then follow the button prompts to fast travel.

You’ll automatically be taken to the regional map to choose what point you want to access.

Obviously, Outriders fast travel only works if you’ve captured other Explorer Flags.

Make sure to explore each region thoroughly so you don’t have to backtrack on foot if you return later.

One other point worth noting is that everyone in your party needs to agree on the fast travel destination.

Outriders Fast Travel: Return Points

Return Points are holographic Outriders’ symbols placed in key areas that only let you travel one way.

Interact with them, then choose either to return to camp or to an existing Explorer Flag, and you’ll zip straight there.

Again, Outriders’ Return Points are one-way fast travel only.

Make sure you’re done with the area before deciding to leave.

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