Outriders Legendary Drop Rates To Increase By 100% Next Week, Alongside A Number Of Other Updates

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After months of fans complaining that Outriders' legendary drop rate was too low, People Can Fly have finally announced that they will be increasing the drop rate of them next week.

Detailed in the latest developer news on Reddit, Legendary drops will be increased by 100% with level brackets being removed allowing them to drop at any time.


Other updates to legendaries with this upcoming patch include a anti-duplications system, meaning that items will be re-rolled if it is the same as one in your inventory or stash.

Scripted Boss Loot will also be able to drop all non-class specific Legendary helmets, adding more variety to items in the campaign. Finally, the Luck system will see some improvements, eliminating droughts of legendaries in the endgame.

This will be accompanied by changes and improvements to the backend signing in system, improving log-in times and issues, particularly when it comes to Xbox users.

People Can Fly's latest patch for the looter shooter is undergoing testing right now, and hopefully will see a release early next week.


News about Outriders has been quite slow recently, with no news about the game at Square Enix Presents last week during E3 2021.

However, the game has been successful according to Square Enix, so we can expect to get some new content down the road once the bugs and issues have been ironed out.