Outriders Coming to Xbox Game Pass Would Be Huge For Microsoft and Square Enix


Microsoft has confirmed the game will launch on Xbox Game Pass for console and Android on day one - April 1st.

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Outriders, Square Enix and People Can Fly's co-op looter-shooter could be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Teases from the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account have shared an email from the (presumably fictional) Melissa McGamepass, asking if "anyone else has noticed a mysterious signal appearing in the distance lately", before asking "am I the anomaly in this situation?".

On the face of things, it's a pretty brazen suggestion that the game could well be coming to the service - despite not launching until April 1st.

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Outriders Coming to Xbox Game Pass Would Be Huge For Microsoft and Square Enix


There's probably a hint about a game in here somewhere honestly we can't even keep up with all the announcements lately pic.twitter.com/Qz6LmX1Cs4
— Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass)
March 12, 2021

Ok, so it could be a weirdly early April Fool's joke, and it may not be arriving at launch, but it actually makes an awful lot of sense.

While initial perceptions of Outriders were that it was very pretty to look at but lacking its own visual identity, public opinion seems to have changed somewhat after the demo gave players a hefty chunk of the third-person shooter to play through.

Sure, it's a little on the generic side, but there's something very fun about picking up a rifle that explodes enemies into chunks, or the ability to shoot all kinds of elemental powers from your fingertips.

Putting it on Game Pass would be a huge win for Microsoft, who can say they've secured a AAA-caliber title from a third-party. While PS5 owners would still presumably have to fork over £50, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can jump in as part of their subscription.

As for Square Enix and People Can Fly, they get to populate their new IP with plenty of players, and cross-play would mean that the decision would even benefit those looking to squad up on other platforms, too.

It'll be interesting to see what the critical consensus is on the game when it launches, but I'd wager many are more likely to jump straight in even just for an hour or two with such a low barrier of entry.

Of course, we'll await a full announcement from Microsoft, Square Enix, or both.

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