Outriders Lava Lich Set: Here’s How to Unlock the Lava Lich Armour Set

There are many different armour sets to try out in Outriders, each providing different bonuses and builds, allowing you to tweak your play style on the fly. The Lava Lich set is one of the best for the Pyromancer build, seriously upping the damage of associated skills. In this Outriders Lava Lich guide we’ll be taking a look at what the Lava Lich Armour Set does, and how to unlock it.

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Outriders Lava Lich Armour Set

The Lava Lich Armour set is one of the best you can have in Outriders. It leverages the Pyromancer class to add damage to the Eruption. Here’s the full description:

  • Increase damage of Eruption by 40% and decrease its cooldown by 10%

This is a seriously good buff to the Eruption skill, which is useful for a wide range of Pyromancer builds. You will need to have all armour pieces equipped to take advantage of this.

Lava Lich Gear Set

Here are the individual Lava Lich Armour pieces that you’ll need to equip in order to make use of the set bonus:

  • Lich Helmet
  • Upper Lich Robe
  • Lower Lich Robe
  • Charms of Lava Lich

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How to Unlock the Lava Lich Armour Set

To unlock the Lava Lich armour in Outriders you will need it to drop as a Legendary item from enemies. This is obviously pretty random, so getting it can be completely up to chance. One way to speed things up is to head to Tiago’s shop once you’re in the endgame. Completing Expeditions will give you Drop Pod Resources that you can spend, with Tiago’s selection changing every day. Make sure to check it regularly to make sure you don’t miss out.

That’s all you need to know about the Lava Lich set in Outriders. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on the Outriders Mission List. Elsewhere there’s our breakdown of how to get the Fortress tier 3 mod.

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