Outriders Fortress Mod: How to Get This Tier 3 Weapon Mod

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The key to success in Outriders is having the right mods equipped to your gear. As you start to specialise your builds, tier 3 mods become extremely important, allowing you to add powerful bonuses to your skills. The Fortress Mod is one of the best, adding heaps of damage that scales with your armour. Here’s what the Fortress Mod does, and how to get it.

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Outriders Fortress Tier 3 Mod

The Fortress mod is a Tier 3 Weapon Mod in Outriders. It can be extremely powerful when coupled with tanky builds, given that it scales with how much armour you have. The Fortress mod is described as follows:

  • Fortress: Receive up to 43% damage based on your armour

Because of the way Fortress scales, it’s best used alongside high armour values. Tanky builds thrive here, allowing for massive damage increases simply by equipping gear with a focus on armour values.


How to Unlock the Fortress Mod

To unlock the Fortress Mod you will need to dismantle Legendary Weapons. This is the only way to get tier 3 mods currently. The gun you’ll want to dismantle is the Deathshield Legendary Shotgun, as this has the Fortress mod associated with it. For a full list of Legendaries, head here.

That’s all we have so far on the Fortress Mod in Outriders. For more help with the game be sure to check out our look at farming Titanium guide. Elsewhere there’s our Outriders Review.