Outriders Big Iron Quest Bug Fix: Here’s How to Collect All Three Weapon Parts

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While exploring the Desolate Fort area of Outriders you will have the opportunity to pick up the Big Iron quest from Channa. They’ll task you with finding three weapon parts, sounds easy enough. The main problem at the moment with this quest is that many players have run into a bug that is removing the quest markers. In this Outriders Big Iron guide we’ll be taking a look at how to get around this issue.

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Outriders Big Iron Quest Markers Not Showing

The main issue you may have with the Big Iron mission in Outriders is that the quest markers will mess up after you’ve found the first part. To fix this, you can head into the abandoned village to see if you’ve triggered any alarms or objectives. Reloading your save also tends to work here. If you can’t seem to get the mission markers to work, you can still find the weapon parts.

Big Iron Weapon Parts Locations

There are three weapon parts to collect as part of the Big Iron quest in Outriders. The first will be easy to find, just head into the Dwindling Oasis and look for two caves. The one on the left contains a part. Exit out of this area and head to the left. Keep following this path until you see two rocky cliffs with a gap in the middle. If you head into this area you will find a blue cave with a weapon part in it. The third and final weapon part can be found at the far side of the Abandoned Village area. To the far right of the map. Just kill the enemies here and and head through the gate that opens up on the far side.

That’s how to complete the Big Iron mission in Outriders. For more help with the game be sure to take a look at our guide on the Ash status effect. Elsewhere there’s our look at what the Max World Tier Is.

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