Outriders Ash Effect: What Does the Ash Status Do?

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There are many different abilities and skills to try out in Outriders. They are split between the four main classes, with play styles varying depending on which one you choose. If you’ve selected the Pyromancer you’ll have access to skills that inflict the Ash status effect. The game doesn’t tell you outright what this means, so we’ve put together this guide on Outriders Ash Effect Explained.

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Outriders Ash Explained

The Ash Status effect is similar to the Freeze effect for Technomancers in that it stuns enemies and holds them in place. If you inflict Ash on an enemy they will be held for 2.5 seconds. This makes Ash a great option for managing multiple targets at once.


Upgrading Your Ash Statues Effects

As you play through Outriders as a Pyromancer you will get better loot and unlock class points to spend. Some effects like Ash are tied to certain upgrades, with some gear boosting them also. If you find yourself relying on Ash to control large crowds, consider focusing your Class Points in this area.

That’s all you need to know about the Ash effect in Outriders. For more on the game be sure to check out our look at how to fast travel. Once you’re done with that you can head on over to our guide on the Max World Tier.