Latest Outriders Demo Patch Fixes a Big PlayStation Issue

Outriders managed to do what Marvel’s Avengers wasn’t able to; get fans excited for a grindy game with a ton of loot, probably due to its more out-there setting and character classes that make sure you’ll be unique when compared to other players, especially once you level up more, as well as choose what abilities to prioritize, along with how you will be helping your team.

The game had one demo released and it managed to impress a ton of people, with many fans hoping this will be a breakout game in the live-service genre due to the amount of gameplay in it alone, especially since the setting and scenarios have so much potential for fun gameplay, epic bosses, and awesome multiplayer experiences with your friends.

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Latest Outriders Demo Patch Fixes a Big PlayStation Issue

Fans are still playing the Outriders Demo and, surprisingly enough, Square Enix is still updating it, managing to fix some bugs, along with a major PlayStation issue: a sensitive touchpad.

It was a bit of a bother for PS4 and PS5 fans to be playing the demo well, only to suddenly be interrupted by a menu because of an accidental swipe to the touchpad.

Thankfully, the latest Outriders Demo update ensures that the issue won’t be bothering fans and we hope that translates to the final game.

Considering how Square Enix is publishing Outriders and Avengers, that’s a lot of live-service to manage, though we are hoping both games do well, though it seems like Outriders will do a lot better based on the reaction it’s gotten thus far.

Outriders will be coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on April 1.

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