Outriders Epic Chest Farming Guide (Post Nerf): 5 minutes to get 10 chests.

The Outriders developers are notorious for taking down popular farming methods by nerfing them or removing them in Outriders updates. I will walk players through a guide for farming Outriders epic chest loot, which hasn't been taken down yet. You don't need to enter combat to accomplish this method, and you will receive the best loot if you do it in the highest Outriders World Tier available.

To start the process, players first need to select the 'Eagle Peaks' location and the 'Speak with Jakub to continue Deadrock Pass' story point. Once the area loads, players need to go to a fast travel flag and pick 'Snowy Plateau.'

Outriders Epic Chest Farming

Check out the MapGenie map below for the exact locations for the chests in this area. We've gone into some more info on each below:

The First Chest

Immediately upon spawning, players should look for some wooden barricades nearby. Through the path of the wooden barricades are a tent and corpse. Next to them is the first chest.

The Second Chest

From there, players need to turn around and head back to where they started. When they reach the flag, they need to make a left. After that, players need to climb two sets of stairs and continue climbing up the mountain. Upon reaching a dividing point, players can find a chest right next to them.

The Third Chest

Go down the mountain and towards the telephone pole-looking thing. Even further down are a lot of sandbags and stairs to a bunker. Go into the bunker and run through to the next set of doors. Once through those doors, a chest waits on the right.

The Fourth Chest

Turn around and go up the snowy hill. Ignore the sandbags and everything else and continue heading up the mountain. Once at the top, there is a turn; follow it and go towards the gate. Past the gate, there is a doorway, head in that direction. Before the doorway, there are two rocks with a slope in between. Head down the slope to the nearby chest.

The Fifth Chest

Run past the doorway, through the windowless wall, and down the hill. Within five steps, the next chest will be to the player's right.

The Sixth Chest

Run back up the hill and go through the doors on the left. Players need to head up the mountain until they see a red flag to their left; the chest is next to it.

The Seventh Chest

Further up the hill and around the path is the next chest.

The Eighth Chest

Continue through the path and head down the hill to see the final chest for the area.

The Last Two Chests and how to restart the route

For two extra chests, head up the hill from the last chest and go up the stairs on the right. This will take the player to the "Radio Tower." In this next area, there is one chest in each of the buildings. When the player finishes the route, they only need to go back to the Outriders lobby, which will refill all of the chests.

That's all you need to know about farming Epic Chests in Outriders. For more on the game be sure to check out our Devastator builds guide. Elsewhere there's our look at the game's missions list.

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