Osatopia Tier List - All Temporis 7 Classes Ranked

Image of a class character and three monsters in Osatopia.

With the new turn-based RPG out now, the chances are you're on the hunt for an Osatopia tier list. Also known as Temporis 7 and compared to a previous franchise called Dofus, it can get confusing to decipher the differences between each one, so our tier list will clear everything up for you.

In this guide, we'll start off by running through each of the 18 different classes in Osatopia/Temporis 7, ranking them based on their utility in combat. We'll follow that up by highlighting a few especially good ones, as well as breaking down how you get more classes, as well as the game's ties to Dofus.

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Osatopia Tier List - All Temporis 7 Classes Ranked

Character name
Xelor, Rogue
Iop, Cra, Sacrier, Pandawa, Foggernaut
Eniripsa, Osamodas, Masqueraider
Ecaflip, Sadida, Enutrof, Huppermage
Feca, Sram, Eliotrope, Ouginak

See the list above for our ranking of all the Temporis 7 classes in the game. At launch there are 18 classes to choose from, each with their own unique ability and range of spells. We've picked based on how effective their arsenal appears to be in the turn-based combat, and whether they can hold their own without too many buffs from other classes alongside them.

With the game only recently launching, the meta could easily change as elite players work out the best strategies and combinations. Stay tuned to our tier list, because we'll jig up the rankings if needs be.

Image of four classes stood together in Osatopia.
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Which Is The Best Class in Osatopia?

Based on our tier list and the early looks we've had at the game, there are three classes in Osatopia, or Temporis 7, that tower above the rest. Those are Iop, Xelor, and Rogue.

First up is Iop, a class that primarily focuses on dealing damage. Their most useful spell is Intimidation, which pushes enemy targets away while also kickstarting the Erosion process. That increases the speed at which enemy monsters eventually wither away and disappear from the grid, making it a very useful move.

Next is Xelor, one of the best buffers and debuffers in the game. Their Oracle spell boosts AP for friendly monsters, giving them more points to use their high-ranking spells. Haziness also eradicates a target's AP, leaving them without the ability to move. As such, using Xelor is a no-brainer.

Our final recommendation is Rogue, another action-focused class. Their two most useful moves are Bomb and Explosion, which work in tandem. Bomb allows a friendly monster to transform into an explosive at the end of a turn, and Explosion detonates them once the next go starts. It's a fantastic way to deal huge damage to enemies.

How Do I Get More Classes in Temporis 7?

As Osatopia, or Temporis 7, isn't a gacha game, there isn't a traditional summon mechanic you'd expect from a game of this nature. Instead, when you sign up for the game you can choose between one of the 18 classes, customising it to your liking.

As such, you need to know a fair amount about each class before you take the plunge and decide which one to main. Equally, at this early stage in the game's life cycle, we don't know if you can change classes after the initial selection process. The chances are you will be able to, but specifics aren't out there just yet.

Is Osatopia The Same As Temporis 7 and Dofus?

It's a little complicated, but yes. Osatopia is the same as Temporis 7, which itself is linked to the ongoing Dofus online MMORPG. Temporis 7 is the newest annual update of this spin-off, which has now been rebranded to Osatopia for this release.

Therefore, you don't need to worry too much about wrapping your head around the different names. The names Osatopia and Temporis 7 can be used interchangably, with the game sitting within the Dofus franchise.

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