Artery Gear: Fusion Release Date, Beta, and More

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Puppets are coming and you must launch an attack and save the world with these mech girls - the Artery Gear. Does this sound confusing? Then read on to find out more like the Artery Gear Fusion release date.

This visually stunning gacha game is new to the West but has been gaining popularity in different areas as it releases more beta tests and sneak peeks. The aim is to make a team of mech girls that have the best strengths and skills to push back the Puppets. There are tons of mechs to use, with five classes and different attributes between them, so you can create strategies and combinations to beat the enemies. The game is a sort of sequel to Artery Gear and features some previous characters like Zero Four, Nio, and Leila. The combination of Spine technology, the newest lighting mechanics, and 3D visuals make this an impressive game.

We’ve drawn up a tier list of all the Artery Gear mech girls we’ve seen so far, so you can sink your teeth into it. We also recommend Dislyte and the ever-popular Genshin Impact.

Artery Gear: Fusion Release Date

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Artery Gear Fusion will fully release on June 14, 2022. Pre-launch is already available.

Pre-Release And Rewards For Artery Gear: Fusion

Artery Gear: Fusion is not a new title - especially in its home market of China. The original beta test was released two years ago. It is only now that the game is coming to more regions.

Interested people can sign up on the official website to pre-register, which only requires an email. As more players sign up, more rewards are being unlocked. These will be given out when the game releases. So far, the rewards include Forging Element Crystals, energy items, health items, and Chips. There are further rewards lined up with even more goodies like a skin for Nio.

As per the official site: the final rewards will be issued corresponding to the ‘accumulated number of (advance) reservations’.

What Platforms Will Artery Gear: Fusion Be On?

Artery Gear Fusion will be releasing on iOS and Android, via the App Store and Google Play. It is likely that there will be a PC client for the game too, though this is not confirmed yet.

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Which Regions Is Artery Gear: Fusion Available In?

The developers of Artery Gear are gearing up for a worldwide release. It was first available in China, and then has recently opened pre-registration for more and more territories. The most recent closed beta test spanned the US and Canada.

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