Artery Gear Fusion tier list - All characters ranked (December 2022)

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Artery Gear Fusion characters posing for a photo.

The latest gacha game is just around the corner, but some have been lucky enough to get their hands on the open beta test. Let's take a look at the Artery Gear Fusion tier list in preparation. The game is heavily themed around tech, and using it to wage war against Puppets.

You play as a Commander, who assembles a team of mecha-clad girls to fight. The mech suit users are referred to as Artery Gear, which you can build specialised teams out of using the different classes and attributes. There are going to be ‘hundreds’ of characters in this game, so we’ll keep this list updated when we learn more, and when the game is available around the world.


We've got a hub for all the information about the upcoming Artery Gear Fusion. But while we wait, why not try Dislyte, or check out Zenless Zone Zero if you're into something new from the Genshin Impact developers.

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Artery Gear Fusion tier list - Who's the best character?

Tier Character
SSirius, Shura, Alice, Roco
ASenha, Veronica, Ghost, Shilin, Suriel, Chihaya, Milvus, Morris, Ginga, Hearin, Greer
BFoxy, Quinn, Zero Four, Kanna, Ruri, Roko, Kagari, Shinobu, Phantom, Benny, Hokuto, Cindy, Touka, Della, Maika, Corax, Rosemary, Goya, Katie, Grace, Komachi, Cerulean, Feidy
CIvey, Margot, Rhoeas, Andie, Sonya, Sylvia, Shinonome, Winnie, Grey, Kurumi, Teufel, Nemophila, Lydia, Nio, Neisa, Chitose, Dean, Diancht, Iberis, Acacia, Onean, Timy, Blue, Meko, Beidou
DValeria, Pele, Michelle, Tony, Angelica, Caroline, Erica

As the game rolls out, we'll update our tier list to reflect players' choices and strategies. Some character names could change on release day due to localisation differences, so do take note of that before committing to any pulls, teams, or upgrades.

The Artery Gear Fusion character page.

How to reroll your Artery Gear Fusion account

If you’re not happy with the characters you get at first, you can reroll your account to try again. Start off with a guest account, and you’ll be able to reroll once you’re through the tutorials - this is where you get the Beginner gacha pulls. If you like who you got - link your account, and you’re done! But if you don’t, follow this:

  • Head to the settings in your phone. Clear the data and cache for Artery Gear: Fusion.
  • This might take a while as the download is quite big, but restart the app and let it fire up.
  • Redo the tutorial, and get the Beginner pulls - and repeat!

We suggest you look out for any S or A tier characters, especially the likes of Shyura, Morris, Ghost, and Chihaya.


When Is the Artery Gear Fusion Release Date?

Artery Gear Fusion is set to release on June 14, 2022. You can preload the game right now via your app store of choice, but you'll only be met with an error if you attempt to log in prior to the launch date and time.

The time the servers go live, however, isn't clear at the moment. Mobile games rarely follow a set schedule and can go live seemingly at random throughout the day specificied. Regional launches can come into play as well with access rolling out throughout the day again.

For more on Artery Gear Fusion, check out our Artery Gear Fusion codes guide just in time for launch. Codes are always the best way to get the most out of your first few days with a new gacha game, are we expect the same to be true here. In fact, it's best practice to redeem and use any code goodies before following the reroll steps above. You'll get the maximum amount of pulls that way before settling on an account reset.