Artery Gear Fusion codes (February 2023) - Free in-game items and rewards

Another Artery Gear Fusion character.
February 3, 2023: We checked for new Artery Gear Fusion codes.

Save the world with mecha girls, and get some extra freebies with Artery Gear Fusion codes. The game officially releases on June 14, and allows players - the Commanders - to form a team of fighters, specifically girls clad in mech suits wielding big guns and cannons as weapons.

You need to lead the fight against Puppets trying to destroy the world. We've been promised a huge range of characters, and are excited to get stuck in.

We've got a hub for all the information about the upcoming Artery Gear Fusion, and a tier list so you can check how your team matches up. But while we wait, why not try Dislyte, or check out Zenless Zone Zero instead for the latest information on Hoyoverse's brand-new action RPG?

New Artery Gear Fusion codes (February 2023)

  • BT5SKqPXaNjK

Expired codes

  • No codes have expired for Artery Gear Fusion.

How to use Artery Gear Fusion codes

To redeem codes in Artery Gear Fusion, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Tap the Event button.
  • Tap the Mysterious Code button.
  • Enter or paste the code exactly how it is written.
  • Hit redeem, and get your free stuff!

Redeeming Artery Gear Fusion codes looks to be a relatively simple process whether you're playing on Android, iOS, or a PC through an emulator. Until Apple decides otherwise, you'll be able to enter Artery Gear Fusion codes in the game itself using the Mysterious Code button in the event tab.

If Apple decides that, like many other games, no code redemption box can be added to the game itself, you'll need to go through an Artery Gear Fusion code redemption website that'll likely go live if that ends up being the case.

Note: players need to complete the tutorial first before the code option comes up. However, we tried this and it hasn't come up yet. Hopefully it works for you!

An Artery Gear Fusion character in a mech suit.
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When does Artery Gear Fusion release?

After a little while in pre-registration form, Artery Gear Fusion is available to pre-download right now. You should have received a notification from your app store of choice if you signed up pre-release, with the game downloading automatically this morning if you allowed for it.

As for when you'll get to play, however, Artery Gear Fusion will launch sometime on June 14, 2022. Try to log in before then and you'll be met with an error. It's normal.

What will codes give us in Artery Gear Fusion

Following from most other gacha titles, it is likely that codes will give items for upgrades, EXP, or materials to 'ascend' or level up characters. There may also be codes for items like skins, or other cosmetics.

We won't know for certain until Artery Gear Fusion actually releases, but we'll update this page with any codes and their goodies when the big day arrives.

Where to find more Artery Gear Fusion codes

Unfortunately, we can't confirm where to get codes for Artery Gear Fusion just yet. As soon as they start dropping, we'll let you know their sources.

It is likely that the official Facebook page, Twitter, or Discord of the games will be where the codes get released, especially the official Discord channels. There's only a few hours until the games release now, so we'll update as soon as we find out any information.

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