Warcraft Rumble leader tier list (March 2024) - all leaders ranked

Warcraft Rumble leader tier list - character with long hair and cannon

Warcraft Rumble leader tier list - character with long hair and cannon

With interest gearing up for the MOBA and tower defense game set in the Warcraft universe, players might be wondering which characters they might be using. Especially important are the leaders of course, as they can make or break an entire run. Find out which ones are the best in our Warcraft Rumble leader tier list and get the advantage.

Originally announced in 2022, under the different title Warcraft Arclight Rumble, the game was finally released in late 2023 and players are curious to try it out and collect all the 65 miniatures available as well. But to collect those miniatures, you have to win these matches. Then prepare some of the best strategies and pick the best team with our Warcraft Rumble leader tier list.

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Warcraft Rumble tier list - All leaders ranked

Warcraft Rumble tier list


Baron Rivendare (L)
Rend Blackhand (L)
Gryphon Rider
Defia Bandits
SAFE Pilot
Tirion Fordring (L)


Grommash Hellscream (L)
Old Murk-Eye (L)
Gnoll Brute
Bat Rider
Warsong Grunts
Meat Wagon
Ea Elemental
Maiev Shadowsong ( Necromancer
Core Hounds
Darkspear Troll
Frostwolf Shaman
Stonehoof Tauren
Whelp Eggs


Cairne Bloodhoof (L)
Charlga Razorflank (L)
Hogger (L)
General Drakkisath (L)
Holy Nova
Bloodmage Thalnos (L)
Jaina Proudmoo (L)
Ogre Mage
Warsong Raide Spiderlings
Murloc Tidehunters
Warsong Grunts Raptors
Harvest Golem
Dark Iron Miner
Chain Lightning
Sneed (L)
Sylvanas Windrunne (L)


Skeleton Party
Cheat Death
Goblin Sapper
Fire Elemental Smoke Bomb
Molten Giant
Arcane Blast Living Bomb
Plague Farmer


Angry Chickens
Deep Breath

This tier list can help you choose the best leaders to get those quick wins in Rumble. But, we do recommend playing with the other leaders as well, as that is a good way to discover new characters that you might end up liking more. Naturally, this Warcraft Rumble leader tier list only reflects the current state of the game, which might be subject to changes later on.

Which Warcraft Rumble leaders are the best?

Overall, we would say the best leaders for your team are Barron Riverdare, Tirion Fordring and Rend Blackhand, with Grommash Hellscream also being a fine choice.

Overall, if you are just looking at selecting the best and don't want anything else than straightforward wins, we do recommend selecting the following leaders:

  • Barron Riverdare
  • Tirion Fordring
  • Rend Blackhand
  • Grommash Hellscream
  • Quilboar

These choices we are sure will get you quick wins, so you can get to unlocking all these miniatures as fast as possible.

That's all we have on the Warcraft Rumble leader tier list. If you're after more tips and tricks on MOBA games, then do check out our guides on how to refund in League of Legends and best build for Morgan le Fay in Smite.

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