League of Legends: How To Refund

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In League of Legends (LOL), there may be items that you may wish to return to the system and have some sort of refund from them.

Although this may not be the situation for every player (since most players would just buy the in-game content that he or she wishes to have), the good thing is Riot Games has implemented the refund system which can be used by anyone in the game.


With that being said, here’s how to refund in League of Legends.

How To Refund In League of Legends

Each account in LOL would have 3 refund tokens over the course of its lifetime. You can use these to refund the items or stuff that you wish to return to the game system and have e fund eventually.

Just go to the League of Legends store and select the Purchases tab.


Then click the Refund button that will appear depending on the item that you wish to return.

Then finish by confirming that you would wish to spend one of your refund tokens on the pop-up menu that will show.

Also, another thing you can do to return items is by contacting Riot Support. Follow the link here to know more.

What’s Refundable And What’s Not In League of Legends

For the items that are refundable via the in-game system, it includes champions, skins, and ward skins. For those which can only be returned via Riot Support, it would be for the Summoner Icons, Runes, Rune Pages, Summoner Name Changes, and Chroma Packs.

Non-refundable items on the other hand include Boosts, Bundles, Promotional Items, Esports Summoner Icons, and Gifts.

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