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Undawn tier list (July 2023) - All characters ranked

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A lightning strike over the Undawn hub.
July 26, 2023: Been playing Undawn over the past week or so? Check out our tier list to see all the best characters!

Ready to get blasting some zombies? Good. You don't have much of a choice in the PUBG Mobile studio's latest cross-platform title, and this Undawn tier list can walk you through the best characters to bring along for the ride. Whether you're going it alone or with friends, the NPCs you have behind your back can make all the difference in the world.

Undawn is a MMO survival shooter from Level Infinite, a group you'll have seen a lot of recently with games like Tower of Fantasy, Alchemy Stars, The Cycle, and upcoming titles like Assassin's Creed: Project Jade, The Division: Resurgence, and Synced. The team has played a part in the lot, and Undawn is one of their biggest multiplatform releases yet.

Undawn tier list - All characters ranked

Rather than dump you in a zombie-infested world to fend for yourself, Undawn actually has you travel to a thriving survivor's camp once it's shown you the ropes.

Here, you quickly befriend a cavalcade of other combat-ready survivors and venture out to bring other impoverished people from the land beyond back to your safe haven. As part of that mission, some of the game's bravest can join your rescue efforts. But you can't bring them all.

A group of characters in Undawn.
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This is a game about survival, and there are some skills that are just infinitely better to have in a sticky fight for your life. Here's who to look for.

Character Tier
SCatherine, Roman
AYegeny, Sherry, Tang

To bring a little more context to the Undawn character tier list, here's how to game describes the few camp denizens you can invite along for the ride. We've highlighted the areas that vaguely explain each of their respective expertise.


The current leader of the Ravens Shelter who is tasked with leading both the Raven Squad and the development of the shelter itself. When the disaster hit, Caine, as the county sheriff, spearheaded the search for survivors, and also began sending radio broadcasts to the surrounding area, calling on other survivors to join them.


The most reliable vehicle repair specialist in the squad who taught himself to pilot helicopters and has a German Shepherd that he adores. Prior to the disaster, he was the ace driver of a professional racing team. After being framed by the team’s leader during a competition, he was forced to abandon his dream of becoming a racer and to make a living as a car mechanic instead.


After the disaster, he joined the Ravens’ rescue team and taught Caine how to become a leader who could help his people survive. Once a member of an elite society of assassins, after his wife and daughter were killed, this hardened man from the snowy north became a hopeless wreck. He now lives out his days indulging in regrets for the past.

Sherry from Undawn.
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One of the few qualified nurses left behind since the disaster, she is a kindhearted woman and a favorite amongst the children of the shelter.

Due to the shortage of medical personnel in the world following the outbreak, she was forced to abandon her dream of becoming a professional singer and to study medicine and join the medical team instead.


The combat instructor in the Ravens Shelter. She is quiet and reserved, but possesses a strong sense of responsibility, and is highly proficient in many different kinds of firearms. Born into a military family, her father encouraged her to join the Marines, where she became their top sniper. When the apocalypse came, she chose to join the Raven Squad and use her marksmanship skills to protect the other survivors.



An expert when it comes to survival, if you ever need someone to search for supplies in the ruins of the old urban centers, or you just need a hunter who’s skilled with a crossbow, he’s your man. He combines a calm and patient personality with incredible tracking and stealth.

Growing up as an orphan has also made him into a skilled scavenger, which came in very handy in unearthing valuable supplies from the city blockades after the outbreak. He is considered to be one of the most dependable members of Ravens Shelter.

We'll add any more characters as they come. Undawn isn't a one-and-done kind of game, so you can expect plenty more (like Will Smith) to show up over time. For now, though, check out the best recipes and ingredients in Undawn, as well as whether you can play Undawn on PC.

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