Tower of Fantasy update 2.3 - Wandering Amidst Miasma

banner for Tower of Fantasy update 2.3

banner for Tower of Fantasy update 2.3

If you're playing Tower of Fantasy, then you're definitely going to be excited about any new content that comes to the game. We just had a major update with Tower of Fantasy 2.0, but the developers are gearing up for another major content release in Tower of Fantasy update 2.3!

Update 2.0 brought a massive content patch with a brand new map and story line to play through. Update 2.3 builds upon that 2.0 update and there's some great things to be excited about.

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When is Tower of Fantasy update 2.3 launching?

The title for the Tower of Fantasy 2.3 update is called Wandering Amidst Miasma. We even got a brand new trailer to show off what's coming! We know that the update will be dropping February 2, 2023.

Tower of Fantasy update 2.3 details

The update will bring a brand new map, as well as new story, activities and of course, simulacra to roll for in the gacha. The new map allows players to explore the Miasmic Swamp, which is diverse landscape of rocky valleys to rainforest like vegetation. This is stark difference between the unforgiving deserts of Vera.

Alongside the new story, there's also two new bosses coming to the game. Jormungan utilizes devasting claymore attacks, and Eva unleashes spinning assaults augmented by her Volt stat. There will also be three new instances and challenges coming in this update too.

Tower of Fantasy update 2.3 simulacra

There are at least three new simulacra that we'll be able to pull on this patch. From the trailer, we got visuals of Icarus, Lan and Umi. We don't know exactly when these will be available, but most likely they will be on the special event banner one after another.

And that's all that we have so far about Tower of Fantasy update 2.3. Be sure to check back, as we'll update this article with any news about the update that gets announced. While you're here, if you're looking for more RPG content, then check out our Torchlight Infinite guides, such as our Torchlight Infinite Season 2 guide, and our guide to the newest cat girl to the crew, Cateye Erika

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