Summoners War Chronicles tier list (March 10) - Best five and four star monsters for launch

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Want to get the most out of your pulls? Don't want to waste precious resources on lesser characters? That's smart. You'll want to pay close attention to the Summoners War Chronicles tier list in that case. Mobile games are known for getting a little stingey with drops as you go on, and only using them on the best characters can help you go far.

It's very much a work in progress (it's early days for the game yet) but we're trying hard to drum up a reliable table ranking the best (and worst) Summoners War Chronicles characters in the game right now. More will be added over time, though, so it's worth noting that one powerful pull might not look that impressive as time goes on. Power creep is a pain.


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Summoners War Chronicles tier list (March 2023)

5* characters

Tier Monster Awakened
SSylph, Oracle, Pirate Captain, Polar Queen, Mermaid, Desert QueenAschubel, Praha, Galleon, Lydia, Betta, Nephthys
AVampire (Fire/Wind/Dark), Beetle Knight (Light/Water), Chimera (Dark/Light/Water), Ifrit (Light/Water), Magic Knight (Wind/Light), Mermaid (Light), Monkey King (Dark/Wind), Occult Girl (Water), Oracle (Fire), Panda Warrior (Dark), Pioneer (Water), Undine (Dark), Polar Queen (Light)Verdehile, Argen, Cadiz, Sir Tityus, Sir Neptune, Zeratu, Shan, Taor, Elsharion, Theomars, Lupinus, Iris, Molly, Son Zhang Lao, Xing Zhe, Anavel, Juno, Mi Ying, Woosa, Tilasha, Elenoa
BArchangel (Dark), Archangel (Light), Chimera (Wind), Hell Lady (Dark), Hell Lady (Fire), Hell Lady (Light), Sky Dancer (Wind), Sky Dancer (Dark), Jack-o’-lantern (Water), Joker (Light), Magic Knight (Fire), Monkey King (Water), Monkey King (Light), Panda Warrior (Fire), Pioneer (Dark), Ifrit (Dark), Ifrit (Wind), Pirate Captain (Wind), Pirate Captain (Light), Raven (Light), Raven (Water), Raven (Wind), Beast Monk (Light), Beast Monk (Dark), Undine (Fire), Undine (Wind), Vampire (Water)N/A
CArchangel (Fire/Wind), Beast Monk (Wind), Beetle Knight (Dark/Fire/Wind), Jack-o’-lantern (Fire), Joker (Fire/Water/Wind), Kobold Bomber (Fire/Wind/Dark), Mermaid (Water/Wind), Occult Girl (Fire), Pioneer (Wind), Pirate Captain (Fire), Polar Queen (Water), Sky Dancer (Water), Sylph (Fire/Wind/Water/Light), Valkyrja (Dark/Wind)N/A
FBeast Monk (Water), Jack-o’-lantern (Dark), Undine (Water), Valkyrja (Water)N/A

The Summoners War Chronicles tier list features only 5* monsters you'll have a chance to obtain on your travels. It's worth noting that monsters in Summoners War Chronicles change names when you awaken them.


What this means is you'll need to know the monster's base name from the tier list. But if you've awakened one already, you'll want to look for the awakened name.

Monsters come in many different elemental types, but as soon as they awaken, their name changes. For example, Beetle Knight (Light) becomes Sir Tityus, but Beetle Knight (Water) becomes Sir Neptune.

4* characters

We'll be adding a list of the best 4* monsters in Summoners War Chronicles soon. It's a big job. It makes sense, though, given they're much easier to come across than 5* characters.

For more gacha game goodies, check out the Summoners War Chronicles codes. They'll help you get the resources you need to get the above monsters and train them up to be the best they can be.