Quizlet codes explained - how to find and use Quizlet.live codes

Quizlet.live codes explained

Quizlet.live codes explained

If you're wondering how Quizlet codes work, this is everything we know right now. Being a brand new way of enjoying Quizlet flashcards, Quizlet.live codes allow for students and teachers to engage with the material in new ways. With collaborative ways to play and more, there's ironically a lot you need to learn before you can learn.

In this, we go over what Quizlet.live codes are and how Quizlet.live even works. We go over its main selling point, what you need to do to make your own games, and everything in between.

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Quizlet codes - how to find and use Quizlet.live codes

Quizlet.live codes are how you access the site's best games. Unfortunately, it can be pretty hard to find a working one.

Essentially, a teacher account has to set up a set of flashcards and then has to push the live button. From here, students can connect to it via a QR code or with a code.

If you're looking for a code, you have to find someone with a teacher account willing to host you. This means you may be left waiting a while.

Quizlet.live codes explained
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What are Quizlet codes?

If you go onto the Quizlet.live site, it will ask you to put in a code. This will give you acces to a game, that you can play alongside others. Unfortunately, you need a host for this to work. Just putting in a code isn't good enough. You need someone willing to set up and start the game, as well as sourcing other players.

You need six other players for the game to work: not including the teacher. These will then be split into two teams of three, which will be split up to answer group rounds.

You can have much more than this in each game, with more teams of players but this is the minimum. Though there don't appear to be any right now, a good way of getting groups together is through Discord. With a Discord dedicated to Quizlet.live, you would be able to find players all the time.

As of right now, it can be a little hard to get Quizlet.live working as you need a teacher account but this may change in the future.

How does Quizlet.live work?

Taking the flashcard-based tests of Quizlet, it puts it into a game format that allows you to compete against your friends. It's a great tool to help you study. If you want, you could even set up tests for non-school things like pub quizzes.

There are collaborative modes to work alongside your friends and, with the ability to create your own flashcards, so much to do.

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