Ys Online tier list (March 2024) - All characters ranked

Image of a character in Ys Online.

Image of a character in Ys Online.
March 25, 2024: We updated our tier list for Ys Online.

Looking for a Ys Online tier list? This mobile game adapting the hit RPG series is out now, so there's no better time than the present to start seeing which classes and characters are best. We're here to help, with a breakdown of the various classes in the game, getting you ready for battle.

In this Ys Online guide, we'll run down all the classes currently confirmed for the game. That's alongside a look at the different evolution paths within each, which can hugely change how each one plays.

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Ys Online tier list

Since you pick each class when you start the game, it isn't easy to try out each and every character in Ys online. Instead, we've got a list below of all the different characters in the game, so you know exactly which ones are at your disposal.

All warrior classes

All warrior classes

All warrior classes


Warriors are the base melee class in the game, excelling at sword and shield combat. You'll start off as a regular warrior, before getting the chance to progress to an ultra-powerful knight as you level up.

All ranger classes

All ranger classes

All ranger classes


As you may expect, rangers are much more proficient with a bow and arrow. Equally, they perform key buff roles, letting you heal up teammates while also dealing damage to enemies. You start off as a base ranger, before getting the choice of either a windwalker or priest.

All mage classes

All mage classes

All mage classes

Ice Mage
Pyro Mage

Mages focus primarily on casting spells, performing ranged attacks to stave off enemy crowds. Expect to start off as a mage before getting the chance to specialise either on fire or ice spells.

All assassin classes

All assassin classes

All assassin classes


Assassins are nimble melee fighters who can land burst attacks to deal some serious damage. With ninja and navigator classes available, it's a super powerful character choice.

All Samurai classes

All Samurai classes

All Samurai classes


The samurai are a recent arrival in Ys Online, but so far the progression tree is fairly limited. You'll start off as a regular samurai with elite DPS abilities and nimble movement, before upgrading to Shura. If you love out-and-out attackers, opt for the samurai.

All Demon Hunter classes

The Demon Hunter arrived as a class in December 2022, added as a new DPS-focused character type to tear through opponents. So far there's only the base Demon Hunter build, though more variants are bound to sprout up in the future.

Image of a ranger character in Ys Online.
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Who is the best Ys Online character?

Ultimately, the best Ys Online character is mostly down to your own personal preference and play style. Given there are only five different classes, each with a base character and evolution choices, there's plenty of room to experiment and see which work best with you.

However, if we could only choose two classes in all of Ys Online to use, they would be ninja and knight. Both are the two strongest melee characters in the game, therefore guaranteed to dish out plenty of damage.

Of course, if you plan on playing a support role, there are better choices. Namely, the priest is probably the most powerful when it comes to casting support spells to buff your team. However, any of the mage options seem to be solid right now.

How do I get more Ys Online characters?

While it may appear to be your regular gacha game, the character recruitment system in Ys Online doesn't appear to be random spins. Instead, there's an upgrade-based mechanic, giving you a bit more choice over which classes you use.

It appears that you'll pick one of the four base classes once you first log into the game and start your adventure. From there, you're given the choice of which class upgrade to choose as you level up and earn more experience.

Ys Online reroll guide

Rerolling is always a handy technique to have a grasp on, allowing you to fully reset your progress and kick start the game from the beginning. That's especially useful if you've changed your mind on which class to use. Normally games on mobile contain an option within the settings to restart or delete your save data

In the case of Ys Online, all you need to do is head to the Settings menu and choose the Switch Account option. If you started off on a guest login, this will give you the chance to restart all over again.

Equally, you can have more than one character save per account, so you don't even need to delete your account details in order to start again!

That's it for our Ys Online tier list! With the game out now, there's plenty to explore. On top of that, grab the latest Genshin Impact codes in preparation for update 3.0!

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