How to reduce FPS drop and lag in PUBG Mobile

A woman holding a sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile.

A woman holding a sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile.

Here is a quick guide to help you optimise your settings in PUBG Mobile to reduce lag and FPS drop that you may be facing on any Android or iOS device. PUBG Mobile continues to be a popular mobile battle royale title thanks to its frequent content updates and events. But the game is notorious for hogging system resources, especially on entry-level smartphones.

If you are facing FPS drop and lag in PUBG Mobile, we recommend optimising your settings as soon as possible. Turning down things like anti-aliasing and shadows can almost double your frame rates in some cases.

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Graphics settings to reduce FPS drop and lag in PUBG Mobile

Here are some graphics tweaks you can make to improve your game’s performance:

  • Turn on “Extreme” FPS - Under the FPS Settings, choose the Extreme option for optimal framerates.
  • Turn down Shadows - The Shadows setting should be set to Low or Very Low. If you are using Very Low settings, enable the Movie Graphics Style option to make colors pop out even when using lower graphics settings.
  • Use Smooth Graphics - Opt for the Smooth Graphics preset in the graphics settings menu instead of HD or Ultra HD, which can be much more demanding and can easily tank your frame rates.
  • Turn off Anti-Aliasing - If you are using an entry-level smartphone, turning off Anti-Aliasing can offer a massive frame rate spike. Leaving the setting turned on offers a cleaner visual experience, but it can negatively affect performance on a lot of entry-level and mid-range smartphones.
  • Turn off Auto Adjust Graphics - You should never use the Auto Adjust Graphics option, as the game prioritises graphics over performance by default. Leaving it turned on will prevent the game from turning up the graphics and hogging more resources.
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System tweaks to reduce FPS drop and lag in PUBG Mobile

A quick restart of the game or your device goes a long way in boosting the its performance, so you should always do those if you are running PUBG Mobile on an older device. Here are some other tips that can help you improve performance:

  • Close unnecessary apps - Limited free RAM can be one of the biggest reasons why you face FPS drop or lag in PUBG Mobile. Close all unnecessary apps that you do not need when launching the game, to ensure your device allocates the most amount of resources possible to the game.
  • Change servers - The game automatically chooses a server for you for quick matchmaking but you should always manually switch to a server that has the least latency. This helps avoid instances of network lag that can lead to a worse gameplay experience.
  • Update your device - Make sure that your operating system is updated for the best performance. Older versions of Android and iOS can lead to performance issues on newer versions of PUBG Mobile, so updates are strongly recommended.

Hopefully, these settings will improve the performance of the game on your device. For more PUBG Mobile content, check out our comparison between Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. You can also find out more about enabling OTS Mode in PUBG Mobile for over-the-shoulder aiming.

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