These Are The Best Shotguns in PUBG Mobile Right Now

Situation, opposition, range, rarity, drop locations, magazine size, and attachments are all part of what goes into choosing the right shotgun for the job. Though some can land you in hot water with their sluggish pump-action reload mechanisms, the best PUBG Mobile shotguns can instantly kill in the right conditions with incredible efficacy. How does your favorite stack up on the best PUBG Mobile shotguns tier list?

PUBG Mobile Shotgun Tier List - The Best PUBG Mobile Shotguns



The DBS shotgun in PUBG Mobile.
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A more modern take on the beloved shotty, the DBS is a fully automatic shotgun with a high rate of fire. Devastatingly powerful, missing your mark with the first shot won't spell disaster for your run: just fire again and again until your target drops.

Nobody will want to get anywhere near you with one of these. Use that ability to strike fear into a camping target and you'll gain the upper hand.



The S12K shotgun in PUBG Mobile.
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The S12K falls within the same category as the DBS. It's a full-auto shotgun that means missing a shot won't leave you immediately open to a counterattack. It's not quite as useful as the DBS, but its long barrel means the typical close-range weapon can do decent damage from longer distances as well. Due to that reduced spread, the whole fish in a barrel analogy doesn't really work. Accuracy is a must.


The M1016 shotgun in PUBG Mobile.
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The M1014 serves as a direct upgrade against the B-Tier S686 and S1897 shotguns below. Though it's a pump-action weapon and comes with such drawbacks, this modern weapon enjoys reduced recoil and higher damage output compared to the others, ensuring mid/late-game armor won't get in the way of the satisfying one-hit kill.



The S686 shotgun in PUBG Mobile.
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While common and incredibly powerful at the beginning of the game, the S686 quickly falls off as players race to armor up. Its traditional pump-action loading method can leave you incredibly vulnerable if your accuracy isn't up to snuff. Its spread will help you deal damage in true close-quarters situations, but you'll fall to faster weapons if you don't manage to drop your foe in two hits.


The S1897 shotgun in PUBG Mobile.
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Just like the S686, the S1897 will hold you back in the latter stages of a match. There's a tighter spread on offer here, but that can work against you if, again, your accuracy isn't up to the task. You'll get an extra shell in the chamber with this one that should lower the risk of requiring a full reload in the middle of a duel.

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