Pokemon GO Shadow Raid bosses (May 2023)

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Team Rocket headquarters in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Shadow Raid bosses have finally been announced, and with them comes the promise of super-powerful recoloured Pokemon. The only way to get some of them will be through intense Shadow Raid fights, with the promise of a rare catch at the end.

In this guide, we'll go over everything we know about the Pokemon GO Shadow Raid bosses for the month, and how to find new Shadow Raids when playing the game.

Pokemon GO Shadow Raid bosses (May 2023)

So far, here are the Shadow Raid bosses we know can be found in the game according the trailers. More are bound ton be announced as soon as the game

  • MewTwo
  • Croconaw

We will update this list as we find more.

What are Pokemon GO Shadow Raid bosses?

Shadow Raid bosses are new boss type Pokemon that can be found in the Shadow Raid event and during raids. This will give players the chance to catch Shadow Pokemon in raids, and they will be recoloured with special stats and moves. As well as this, new Shadow-type Pokemon can also be found in their shiny variant, giving players more of an excuse to take them on.


How to find Pokemon GO Shadow Raid bosses

Launching on May 22 as part of the "Rising Shadows" event, some stronger raids will randomly have Shadow Pokemon as bosses for you to take on. This means that it will be hard to predict but, if you are near some gyms, you should be able to patrol them until one picks up. Of course, you can also use your Remote Raid Passes to enter a raid without being geographically close. It seems likely that more powerful Shadow Pokemon will arrive in more populated areas, making co-op play more viable.

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