One Punch Man the Strongest tier list - Best reroll characters for March 2024

One Punch Man The Strongest tier list

One Punch Man The Strongest tier list

Get a head-start in the new mobile gacha RPG with our One Punch Man the Strongest tier list. Now that it has finally been released in the west, players outside of the initial SEA release region have quite the catch-up to tackle. One way to make things easier is to ensure you're only pulling for and powering up the best characters in the game. That's where our list comes in.

The legendary anime, One Punch Man, can now be played as an RPG right on your mobile. It's available on iOS and Android, and after a long time of the app only being available in Southeast Asia, it's now finally out worldwide. All of our favourite and recognisable characters are back, with themed battles and original voice acting.

If you're a fan of games where you make a team from surprise pulls, then we have some perfect recommendations for you to get into. Azur Lane, AFK Arena, and Alchemy Stars are super popular games for a reason, and will get you hooked.

One Punch Man The Strongest tier list
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One Punch Man the Strongest tier list - Best reroll characters

One Punch Man the Strongest tier list


Terrible Tornado
Child Emperor
Carnage Kabuto
[Extreme] Superalloy Darkshine
Drive Knight
Metal Bat
[Extreme] Puri-puri Prisoner


Deep Sea King
Atomic Samurai
Golden Ball
Amai Mask
Terrible Tornado
[Awaken] Groribas
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic
[Unparalleled] Zombieman
Metal Knight
Watchdog Man
Flashy Flash


Vaccine Man
Subterranean King
Tank Top Master
Puri-Puri Prisoner
Monsterized Choze
Superalloy Blockluster
Superalloy Darkshine


Blue Fire
Doctor Genus
Spring Mustachio
Beast King
Smile Man
Spring Mustachio
Beast King
Mosquito Girl


Hellish Blizzard

With over 5 million players across the world, the community has spoken and decided which characters they prefer using, and which they would rather not pull. Here are our thoughts on the available characters in One Punch Man: The Strongest.

How do I get the best characters in One Punch Man the Strongest?

One Punch Man: The Strongest runs a gacha system for players to get new characters to use in the turn-based RPG. This requires in-game currencies known as diamonds, or 'vouchers' to pull for new units.

Getting characters can be tricky, especially the ones you want. Each character is rated SSR, SR, R, or N, depending on their rarity. Thankfully, the game is loaded with rewards to help you get some good pulls early on. You'll get some chests for completing storylines which contain enough vouchers and diamonds to provide you with ten pulls at a time, which should net you some good names.

There's also different types of character roles you should pay attention to: some characters are tanks, or better for AoE or DPS, some provide healing or shields - there are even some backline attackers! Make sure to diversify your team and play style.

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How to reroll in One Punch Man: the Strongest

Like most gacha games, rerolling can be a necessary chore if your pulls didn't go the way you planned. It's easy to do, and we recommend following these steps:

  • Open One Punch Man: The Strongest and play without signing in or creating an account.
  • Play the story and get your 10 pull.
  • If you're happy with what you get, then continue playing! If not, continue reading...
  • Completely delete the game, and then re-install it and redo these steps.

If you have the patience, you can redo these steps until you get exactly who you want, or any SSR and SR units. Good luck.

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