Infinite Magicraid tier list - all heroes ranked (January 2023)

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Image of four characters fighting in Infinite Magicraid.
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If you need an Infinite Magicraid tier list, you're in luck. This new turn-based mobile game is set to make quite the splash for handheld gamers, and as such it's useful to know which characters are the best. The meta is still very much a work in progress at this early stage, but knowing which fighters pack the biggest punch is very important.

In this Infinite Magicraid guide, we'll rank all of the characters currently available in the gacha game. That's on top of details on exactly how you get new characters through the summoning system, on top of instructions on how to reroll if your spins haven't gone to plan so far.


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Infinite Magicraid tier list

Ranking Hero name
SPhocas, Lucifer, Margarita
AEden, Kristian, Hisaro, Zyra, Asindo, Dario, Slivelle, Elbek, Igor
BFirewater, Arella, Vera, Melia, Mutu, Aisha, Gustav, Frich, Megan, Thanatos, Claude, Halloween Jack, Elsa
CWarrior, Xia, Yoko, Lutz, Horus, Space, Anna, Valentin, Luna, Melter, Doom, Olga, Teru, Creon
DSupporter, Raider, Servant-0, Elaina, Nordak, Space, Synnove

See the table above for our Infinite Magicraid tier list, ranking all of the characters and units available in the game. There are over 20 different characters to choose from, with so many different legions and abilities on offer.

So far, our rankings are based on a combination of rarity and combat ability. As such, it's the ones at the top who will serve you best in turn-based battle for the early stages of the game. Those at the bottom will likely be a lot more common in gacha spins, but aren't quite as effective.

Of course, our Infinite Magicraid tier list is subject to change once new heroes emerge and the early-stage meta rears its head. Stay tuned to this page, because we'll make any necessary updates as they're needed!

Who is the best hero in Infinite Magicraid?

For our money, there are currently a few Infinite Magicraid heroes who tower above the others. Namely, the ones to use early on are Kristian and Eden. These two heroes are unlockable while playing the guided tutorial, but are incredibly useful nonetheless.


Eden in particular is an Epic-level mage with an impressive HP stat of 7547. Combined with decent speed stats at 980 and a solid ATK stat of 754, she'll serve you well during those pesky early-stage battles where you're still getting to grips with the game.

Image of three heroes in Infinite Magicraid.

How do I get more Infinite Magicraid heroes?

As you may expect, Infinite Magicraid is a gacha game, and as such the main way to recruit new characters is via random spins. These work very similarly to the summon system seen in other gacha titles, and as such won't come as too much of a surprise to veterans of the genre. Here's how to pull for new characters:

  • Once you've completed level 1-10 of Infinite Magicraid, you'll get access to the game's hub menu.
  • Press Wish, which brings up three options: Refined, Excellent, and Supreme.
  • Choose the banner you want, and use your shards to purchase a roll.

Yes, the gacha system in Infinite Magicraid really is as easy as that. As long as you've got enough shards and tokens to purchase the spins, you can go until you pull a top-tier hero.

Infinite Magicraid reroll guide

If the preliminary gacha spins haven't gone your way and you wish to start from square one, you can always rely on the Infinite Magicraid reroll method. This allows you to restart your game by deleting your current save progress, as such getting the chance to roll all over again. This is how to do it:

  • From the main hub menu, tap your character icon in the top left.
  • Press Settings, then Switch Account.
  • From the main menu, you can choose a login method to overwrite your current save data.

The reroll method is that simple, allowing you to start all over again if you so wish. Just make sure you definitely want to make that call once you initiate the process, because the chances are you won't be able to get your lost progress back.

That's it for our Infinite Magicraid tier list! For more on some other massive mobile games, feel free to grab the latest Genshin Impact codes and Tower of Fantasy codes.