Temtem codes - Free nova and more (September 2022)

A Temtem.

A Temtem.

After a couple of years in early access, Crema's new creature collection game is out, and we're all scrambling to find any new Temtem codes that we can. Like just about any other service game, codes are present and expected to supply a steady stream of premium currencies for those looking to pick up cool furniture and costumes.

Down below, we'll do what we usually do: scour the internet for new Temtem codes and deposit them here to save anyone else from the trouble. We'll even note down any expired codes so that you can be sure you haven't missed any.

For more on Temtem, read our initial Temtem preview from back in the day. We've reworked our original Temtem type chart to serve as a handy battle reference for your phone, tablet, laptop, or second screen, and figured out the Temtem crossplay.

All working Temtem codes

  • There aren't any working Temtem codes right now. Check back soon!

The following Temtem codes were last checked and confirmed expired on September 8, 2022

  • No Temtem codes have expired just yet. How could they?
Redeeming Temtem codes.
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How do I use Temtem codes?

Got a couple of Temtem codes to use? Lucky you! If you're in-game and struggling to spot where to slot them in, you're already too far gone.

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That's because Temtem codes aren't used like your run-of-the-mill mobile game codes. You won't find a codes button stashed away in your profile or disguised as a Twitter bird somewhere on the UI.

Instead, to redeem Temtem codes, you need to head back to the main menu. Either quit the game or close it: it doesn't matter. So long as you end up on the main menu before you load into your save, you'll see a 'Redeem Code' option on the list.

Click onto this, type (or paste) in your 16-digit Temtem code, and your rewards will be deposited straight into your save. Just enter the game as normal and you'll find them waiting for you.

What are Temtem codes?

Though we haven't had a Temtem code yet to test, thus we don't know exactly what they'll offer, we do have a general idea of what they'll bring to the table by virtue of every other game we've covered with a similar system.

For Temtem, we suspect Temtem codes will offer one of two things: Nova - the game's premium currency used for cosmetic purchases and more - and event-specific Temtem. That last one can best be compared to the Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift feature.

With it, promotional Temtem could be dished out to mark things like tournament wins, player milestones, and more. Pokemon often uses it to give players immediate access to event-winning monsters or those with hidden abilities, moves, and costumes.

So if you're hoping for a Saipat with a silly hat, Temtem codes might be the answer in the future.

For more on Temtem, check back soon. There's a lot more to cover. For Pokemon content, we've drummed up everything we know about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Terastal mechanic that's set to shake up the meta.

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