Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 1 guide - Best team comps and boss strategy

A character laying down in Honkai Star Rail.

A character laying down in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe 1 is fairly easy but you need to have at least one or two leveled characters who can hold their own. Honkai Star Rail has plenty of endgame content for players to explore, and one of the best activities is the Simulated Universe.

It lets you test the limits of your characters and earn rewards without being forced to spend Trailblaze Power. The game gives you tons of buffs to choose from and you should be able to clear World 1 without needing endgame gear.

Best characters for Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 1

The three elements that greatly benefit you in World 1 are Quantum, Fire, and Ice. There are a few normal enemies with Wind weakness, but you don’t necessarily need to bring a Wind character to the fight.


Seele is great against both of the World 1 bosses as they are weak to Quantum. Her single-target damage is exceptionally high and she can burst down bosses very quickly. If you are using her, make sure to focus one of the two bosses instead of trying to spread your damage across both of them.


Bronya is one of the best characters to pair with Seele because of her potent buffs. If you get enough Path of the Hunt buffs, Bronya can allow Seele to take several turns in a row, before any of the enemies get to take a single action.


Sampo is an underrated Wind DPS unit that relies on Wind Shear (Wind DoT) to deal damage to enemies. There are some enemies that are weak to Wind, and you should be able to quickly mow them down.


Yanqing is the best Ice DPS option available right now, and if you managed to get him he can easily take on most of the enemies in World 1 as well as one of the two bosses. He can also inflict the Frozen status, which prevents enemies from taking actions.


Pela is the best alternative to Yanqing as she can not only deal a respectable amount of damage, but also reduce enemies’ DEF stat to improve your team's DPS.


Himeko's AoE damage can be very potent against enemies that are weak to Fire. Using an AoE damage dealer should not be a problem, as you have infinite time in Simulated Universe, and as long as you clear the content, you will earn the rewards.


If you don’t have Himeko, Asta is an excellent unit to bring to World 1. Her Skill can easily break shields that are weak to Fire, and she can manipulate turns using her SPD buff.

Best teams in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 1

Here are our recommended teams for World 1 of the Simulated Universe.

Best F2P team - Dan Heng, Physical Trailblazer, Asta, March 7th

This is the best team to go for, assuming you try to tackle the Simulated Universe as soon as you unlock it. You can swap March 7th for Natasha if you already have her, and Fire Trailblazer is also a great choice over their Physical counterpart.

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Dan Heng is the primary damage source in this team, while the Trailblazer and Asta act as sub-DPS units. March 7th is your defensive support, and her shields can keep teams alive while her Ultimate can be used to freeze enemies.

Best budget team - Seele, Trailblazer, Asta, Natasha

Asta, Natasha, and Trailblazer are all free characters you can use in this team setup. While you get Seele and Asta early in the game, you will need to progress to the Underworld region in Jarilo VI to get Natasha.

Unlike our previous team that relied on March 7th for defensive utility, we have Natasha in this setup. She can make your run a lot more comfortable with her massive healing output. If you do not have Seele, you can safely replace her with Dan Heng or Serval as your main DPS.

Best high-end team - Seele, Tingyun, Bronya, Gepard

This is the strongest Seele team you can run without sacrificing too much defensive utility. The combo of Tingyun, Bronya and Seele combined with the Path of the Hunt will allow you to take infinite turns and kill enemies without giving them actions at all in most fights.

Best path in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 1

We recommend going for the Hunt. Unlike the later worlds, which are much more difficult and are easily beaten by defensive Paths, Hunt is the best option for the first World. You can focus on building up as much damage as possible using SPD, Crit, and Attack Blessings and you should be able to beat it easily.

Remembrance buffs can also be extremely potent if you have characters that can Freeze enemies. It will allow you to completely shut down enemy turns by freezing them and preventing them from attacking you at all.

The first world is quite easy and you can beat it with any Path of your choice. Make sure you get blessings that synergise with each other and it can take a couple of runs until you get an unbeatable combo of blessings.

That is all you need to know about beating Honkai Star Rail’s Simulated Universe World 1! It is the easiest world to beatm as long as you have a couple of level 20 characters and the right blessings.

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