How to get more Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail

Five Star Rail characters.

Five Star Rail characters.

You'll want more Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jade as you play the new turn-based RPG. it's the currency used to pull for new characters and Light Cones, and beyond Credits and various upgrade materials, it's the main one you'll be after. With some of the best upgrades locked behind duplicate character pulls, the more Stellar Jade you find, the more chances you'll have to power up your best characters.

Down below, we'll go over a bunch of ways you can earn free Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail. From exploration and events, to achievements and discounted shop purchases, there are plenty of ways to keep the premium currency coming in without spending silly amounts of money.

What is Stellar Jade used for in Honkai Star Rail?

Stellar Jade takes the place of any other gacha currency in similar games. For example, it's Primogems (or Fates) from Genshin Impact, or gems/crystals in other games. You use these to pull in the gacha banners for Light Cones and new characters, so a steady supply will help you upgrade your favourites.

How to get more Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail


The most consistent way to earn Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail is to keep up with in-game events.

Mobile games like this have a rotating door of limited-time objectives with new stories, gameplay modes, and more to keep us engaged, and Star Rail will be no different.

Across in-game events and popular web events, you'll be able to earn far more Stellar Jade than the average F2P person if you just keep up with the Star Rail event schedule.


Just by searching every little nook and cranny in Honkai Star Rail, you'll find treasure chests and other containers holding a generous number of bonus Stellar Jade. It literally pays to see more of the world and fight off monsters blocking any optional paths.

Progressing through the story

This one will come as no surprise, but you'll get the most bang for your imaginary buck by just playing through the main story chapters. The developers want you see what they've made, so it makes sense that they'll litter the path with what you ultimately want - more Stellar Jade.

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Monthly shops

Tucked away in the shop menu is a place where you'll be able to exchange F2P currencies for a limited number of Stellar Jade each month. You'll even be able to swap any currency from duplicate, maxed-out pulls for even more for a slight discount.

These limited-stock items come back at the start of each month, so making sure you have enough to procure them before the calendar ticks over is a great way to optimize your pulls.


Just like Genshin Impact (and just about any mobile game, honestly), Honkai Star Rail frequently drops promo codes you can use to gain some handy in-game items.

They're designed to reward those who pay close attention to the game's social media efforts, so you'll find them on YouTuber ad reads, Twitter, Facebook, and during new version livestreams. Of course, if you don't want to keep track of them all, you can visit out Honkai Star Rail codes page every couple of days. We're always looking out for them.


Though you'll likely complete a bunch of these accidentally as you play, another way to tip your Stellar Jade reserves over the threshold for another pull is by aiming to complete any achievements you can.

Some will only be possible much later in the game, but there are usually a bunch you can complete with relative ease. Just tinker around the menu to see what you can do.

For even more Honkai Star Rail content, we've got you covered with primers and build guides for anyone you may be hoping to pull. For example, we have top-tier Seele, Himeko, and Silver Wolf builds to get you started. We even have a guide to the Honkai Star Rail banners if you're not sure who to pull for.

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