How to increase your Trailblaze level in Honkai Star Rail

The Trailblazer character and March 7th in Honkai Star Rail.

The Trailblazer character and March 7th in Honkai Star Rail.

Whether you just want the rewards or have hit a roadblock in the story, knowing how to increase your Trailblaze level in Honkai Star Rail is important. Honkai Star Rail limits your progression using a few different systems: the main of which will be your Trailblaze level. A higher challenge means greater rewards.

Through increasing your Trailblaze level in Honkai Star Rail, you'll gain access to new characters, new features, and even ways to make the game a little more challenging if you're somehow breezing through things. Focusing on increasing your level quickly can help you get those powerful rewards at speed.

How to increase Trailblaze level in Honkai Star Rail

Focus on the story

The main method of increasing your Trailblaze level in Honkai Star Rail will be by completing quests. Mostly any quest will do, but you'll generally earn more experience points toward the next Trailblaze level by completing main story quests. Focus on those whenever they're available.

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If you're locked out of the main story because of your Trailblaze level, there are a couple of things you can look to do:

Side quests

Side quests and other stories can all work in place of the main quest to get your the Trailblaze level you need. Just push through them and seek out more from hubs and other areas.

Open chests

It's minor, but opening chests dotted around the world will net you not only the contents inside (which can often be Stellar Jade) but some small amount of Trailblaze EXP, too.


On top of opening chests, simply exploring new zones will net you Trailblaze EXP as well. So rather than follow the path of the main story, think about going off said beaten path to minimize the time you spend locked out of story quests going forward.

Complete your dailies

On top of offering lavish rewards and reputation gains, completing daily commissions will speed up your Trailblaze level increases as well. Any missed days will ultimately set you back, so try your best to complete these quick missions each and every day.

What does Trailblaze level unlock?

At certain Trailblaze levels, you'll unlock new features and items like:

  • Trailblaze Levels 5/15/25/35 = A total of 40 Star Rail Passes and 1.6k Stellar Jade.
  • Trailblaze Level 20 = 4-star Light Cone Quid Pro Quo (The Abundance).
  • Trailblaze Level 21 = Forgotten Hall.

What is the max Trailblaze level in Honkai Star Rail?

The max Trailblaze level in Honkai Star Rail is 70, and there doesn't seem to be much chance of this increasing over time.

For what it's worth, your account's Trailblaze level is independent to the level of the characters collectively known as Trailblazers in the game.

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