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How to change your appearance in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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Three photos showcasing different character customization options in the game "Harry Potter Magic Awakened"

Looking into how to change your appearance in Harry Potter Magic Awakened? The new Wizarding World title, in a surprising twist, lets you do just: without spending a dime. It's not all too difficult to figure out for yourself, but we're going to walk you through the process either way, answering a few common questions along the way.

Despite being a mobile title with an always-on component - typically the recipe for an appearance change feature that costs real money - Harry Potter Magic Awakened seems to understand that our fantasy escapes shouldn't tie us down quite as much as the real world does. Self-expression is important - especially for the school-age kids of the game - and not putting a price tag on it is a nice nudge in the game's favour.

How to change your appearance in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Changing your appearance means clearing the brunt of the tutorial. Finish your tasks in Diagon Alley shortly after you set your look for the first time and get to Hogwarts proper. Once you've completed the Sorting Ceremony and moved into your dorm, you're all set for a makeover.

To change your appearance in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, just tap the Knapsack button in the bottom-right of the screen whenever it's available. From there, you just want to tap the New Look Mirror icon. That'll toss you straight into the appearance tweaking menu.

Changing appearances in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.
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From there, just use the tabs on the left to cycle between appearance options, picking the robes, hairstyles, colours, scarves, skin colour, eye colour... you get the idea. There's almost nothing you can't change here, and it won't cost you penny.

Once you've changed up your look, just tap the big Confirm button to keep the results.

Can you change your gender in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

No, you can't change your gender in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. But you should be able to, and we're hopeful the feature will come to the game in the future.

There's no proof to suggest this is down to any sort of license agreement between the game and the creator of the source material, but it's sure to draw scrutiny in the same way.

It's most-likely down to how the game works its content around your character's gender - only ever mentioned as being a Wizard or a Witch - and the implications of changing it, like switching dorm rooms or suddenly having interactions with characters you may not have met prior to changing gender.


It's for that reason we can't imagine the feature coming to the game, but never say never. We're certainly hoping it does.

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