How to fix Harry Potter Magic Awakened error code 8100

A group of Harry Potter fans dressed in green costumes gather excitedly in a crowded room, ready to fix the Magic Awakened error code 8100.

A group of Harry Potter fans dressed in green costumes gather excitedly in a crowded room, ready to fix the Magic Awakened error code 8100.

After years of teasing a worldwide release, a new Harry Potter mobile game has landed. But it isn't without its teething troubles. If you're struggling to find a Harry Potter Magic Awakened error code 8100 fix, you can rest easy knowing you're not alone. It's not just you, and it's actually affecting a massive chunk of the potential playerbase. Learn to fix it below and you'll get ahead of the game in no time.

Despite being announced as a worldwide release, it's that very phrasing that's causing some confusion with the launch of Harry Potter Magic Awakened. The reason for it isn't entirely clear, whether the game isn't actually certified for a worldwide release, or if there's just some funky code issues between it and the servers, but the fix is relatively simple. You just have to tinker with your device settings a little first.

How to fix error code 8100 in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

As soon as the game released on June 27, the replies to the announcement on social media quickly went from joyful to dismayed. Despite the handy link taking you to the download page no matter your device, plenty of potential witches and wizards were unable to play in that moment. Error code 8100 was the cause, and it wasn't clear what the fix could be.

After a bit of fiddling around, the way to fix the 8100 error in Magic Awakened seems to be this: changing your device's language setting to English. It's not a guaranteed fix, but it has worked for a few on the subreddit. It's worth trying.

Again, it seems strange given the implied nature of a worldwide release, but for one reason or another, the Harry Potter Magic Awakened servers appear to have English set as a requirement for authentication. It's likely not intention, meaning it should give fixed soon.

At the same time, it could always come back. So if you're getting the error code and can't enter the game, dig deep into your device's settings and change the language to English while you play. You can always change it back when you're done.

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