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How to change languages in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Harry Potter Magic Awakened is a brand-new game featuring collectible cards, a social club system, co-op game modes, and more. If you love card games and the Harry Potter franchise, you are in for a treat - unless you need to learn how to change languages in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

The game is co-developed by NetEase Games and Warner Bros. for Android, iOS, and PC (Windows). If you have been playing, you might have noticed that there is no option to change the language in the game. A lot of players jumped into the game when it was launched on several Asian servers but they now want to make the switch to the global version and it is proving to be a challenge.

Change language in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

On the Global version of the game, there are no localization options available at the moment. The game unfortunately does not have any language settings. You have to play in English - which would explain the error 8100 fix.

It is possible to create a new Apple App Store or Google Play Store account to change to the Chinese Mainlands, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan version of the game, which will offer more options. But if you want to play in Chinese, note that the game is hosted on completely different servers. You'll have to start fresh.

Co-developed by Netease Games and Warner Bros under the Portkey Games banner, there's currently no word on whether language options are coming to the game on the official website. Since Magic Awakened is a card game, it's very difficult to play without understanding English or Chinese. You will need to use something like Google Lens to manually translate lines of text, which can vary wildly in quality.

The lack of language options comes as a surprise as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, another game under the Portkey Games banner, featured several languages. It's possible that more languages will be supported in the future, but you shouldn’t hold your breath.

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