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Harry Potter Magic Awakened reroll guide - All steps and what to reroll for

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Two wizards duelling in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.
July 5, 2023: Been playing the game since it released last week? Here's how to reroll in Harry Potter Magic Awakened!

If you're looking into how to reroll in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, read on. It's using a system you might be familiar with, but finding it is a whole other story. If there's one thing mobile games are known for, it's their gacha systems. And the most popular of the bunch all have ways to get some of the better pulls early on.

Released in late June 2023, Harry Potter Magic Awakened is a localised version of a game that released in China a number of years ago to great success. It's hard to say how it's doing over there still, but if its signature mobile game design decisions worked there, there's a good chance they'll stay relatively popular in the West as well. The reroll steps are generous, and that's usually a good sign.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened reroll steps

Rerolling in Harry Potter Magic Awakened is a lengthy process. If you can even call it that at all. Whereas games like League of Pantheons encourage you to repeatadly play through the first hour of the game to accumulate gacha pulls, resetting (or rerolling) your account until you get the desired results, Harry Potter Magic Awakened takes cues from a few more modern titles, baking the reroll process into the game.

This means you won't have to delete your account at all to reroll in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. You can opt to manually reroll after the intended spot after gathering up more free premium currencies, but it will take you far longer than a standard reroll and largely isn't worth the effort.

Instead, you just need to play up to the point where you listen to Cognac's story about the fight between Dumbledore and Voldemort. Once it's over, you'll be prompted to open the shop menu to spend your only Golden Key - unless you've claimed your pre-registration rewards, in which case you'll have more than one.

A Golden Key is all you need to pull five spell cards from the premium banner. But the first time you do this, you can redraw the cards you pull as many times as you like, only claiming the five you pull when you're happy with the results.

What to reroll for in Harry Potter Magic Awakened


As for what you should aim for with a Harry Potter Magic Awakened reroll, take a look at our tier list for a few ideas. This is your opportunity to roll for a top-tier card without spending a buck. Doing so can see you through a big chunk of the game's challenges with ease. Make it count.

For more, check out these Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes, and how to get Avada Kedavra. We've also been hard at work on launch day writing up how to leave a club, just in case you're already tired of who you've been paired with.

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