Cross Summoner tier list - Best characters for December 2022

Two Cross Summoners characters.

Two Cross Summoners characters.

Not sure which character to prioritise in Cross Summoner R? Get some help choosing the best team with our Cross Summoner tier list. It might sound like a new game, but it actually released almost ten years ago now as Final Sky. With a new publisher, there's a chance a lot has changed.

The world is threatened by dark magic and its users, and you must fight back with a team of Casters, Fighters, Guardians, and more. Here we'll run through the characters we know of, and what rarity they are in the game's gacha system.

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Cross Summoner tier list

Ultimate Rare
Asuka, Alwin, Luschut, Bormea, Sassafras
Specifically Super Rare
Irina, Rorche, Brazos, Arik, Saizou, Sharifah, Scherzo, Reid, Rabad, Rill, Mira
Super Rare
Lamia, Victor, Matoi, Yuugiri, Ruzha, Jack, Luna, Karen, Johann, Verginita, Rasheed
Lyrica, Eris, Leicester, Fortis, Momohime

For the time being, our tier list places characters according to their rarity, given that the game is still in beta test, there are no community rankings or opinions just yet.

Cross Summoner character list

While some players get into the game in its beta test, more and more characters are becoming known.

The official site shows us six key characters, including the first one you play as, Fortis. We know some details about them:


Cross Summoner R character
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Alwin, the first prince of the Hallowed Kingdom, graduated to king after the old rulers' passing. He's kind and caring, though can strike a cold image. In terms of how he works on a team, he is a Caster.

Vivacious Archer Asuka

Cross Summoner R character
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Cheerful Asuka is from the Yamato Kingdom, and travels far and wide with her trusty bow. She is brave and willing to get stuck into challenges, despite her talents not being the best.

Crushing Iron Flail Luschut

Cross Summoner R character
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Next up is Luschut. She is a Guardian and can be found in the Hellish Realm. Due to spending so much time in the realm, she has forgotten who she truly is - except that she is skilled with a Flail.

Dragon Slayer Momohime

Cross Summoner R character
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Momohime wields a sword, and is a Fighter. She hails from the Yamato Kingdom and as such is versed in the Dreamscape style of sword fighting. She gained the name Dragon Slayer due to her impressive skills with the blade.

Magic Tome Collector Lyrica

Cross Summoner R character
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Lyrica the Caster specializes in Dark Magic, and spends her time as a researcher of the magical arts. At some point, she lost her memory, and is now being hunted by a mysterious party.

Holy Knight Fortis

Cross Summoner R character
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Fortis is a fighter, and the first character you get in your party. Born into a family of aristocrats he has been determined to become a hero since he was very small.

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