Alice Fiction Tier List - Best characters and reroll steps (December 2022)

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As with a lot of gacha games, there’s quite a few characters obtainable in Alice Fiction. In order to create the best team, there are rankings made based on how well they perform and how their skills match up. So here is our Alice Fiction tier list for launch, which should help you make your mark on this game early on. After all, spending pulls on bad characters won't help you in the long-term.

WonderPlanet’s new game released on Android and iOS in Summer 2022. The game itself is set in the Metaverse named Alice, and has players try and recollect their lost memories.


If you're a little out of loop with this new gacha game already, our Alice Fiction release date hub has a bunch of information that might help you out. Further to that, use our Alice Fiction codes page to get the free pulls you'll need to get a top-tier character. Lastly, check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes page if you're hyped by all the Disney crossovers coming to that one.

Alice Fiction Character Tier List (December 2022)

Tier Characters
SAsclepius, Kojiro, Nietzche, Perseus, Qin Shin Huang, Lancelot, Mushashi, Captain Drake
ARousseau, Nightingale, Scipio, Antionette, Pygmalion, Longinus
BAmadeus, Joan, Himiko, Hippocrates, Ushiwakamaru
CSharizotan, Neu, Bismarck, Mathers, Saleri, Surtr, Galen, Wang, Wayland, Andersen
DBenkei, Michelangelo-B, Andromeda, Robin Hood, Gilles, Archimedes, Cleopatra, Kenshin, Viviane
FJack the Ripper, Achilles, Hannibal

For now, we've listed the characters in terms of their rarity. As soon as we know what they're capable of and how they perform, we'll update our ranks to reflect their use in the game.

When it comes to an Alice Fiction reroll on launch day, you'll want to aim for any one of the S-tier characters; so Asclepius, Kojiro, Nietzche, Perseus, Qin Shin Huang, Lancelot, Mushashi, Captain Drake are the ones to look out for there.

Once you have one, you should be good to play the game at a normal pace, knowing you have one of the best characters around.

How To Reroll in Alice Fiction

Rerolling in Alice Fiction is a pretty simple affair. The in-game notice as you make your account even sneakily tells you how to do it.


If you're not happy with your initial pulls in Alice Fiction, here's what to do:

  • Close the game
  • Launch the game again
  • Tap the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top-right corner of the splash screen
  • Select "Delete Players Data"

Upon logging into the game again after following these steps, you'll make an entirely new account but bypass the beginning tutorial, allowing you to use your free pulls again. Repeat this process until you get at least one S-tier character.

That being said, you can actually redo the tutorial ten-pull as many times as you like until you arrive on your preferred pull. It's more limited in that you'll only ever get one three-star character, but it's certainly faster than attempting two or more via the route above.

What Elements Do Characters In Alice Fiction Have?

There appear to be a few different elements that the fighters can have. These include Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, Light, and Dark. We can assume that these will have weaknesses and strengths against each other, such as Light and Dark, Fire and Water. There will likely be crossovers with each element.

Alice Fiction character with weaponry

Character Roles In Alice Fiction

Your party characters will fulfil different roles within the game. These appear to follow the usual pattern of Attack, Defense, Recovery, Buff and Debuff. It isn't clear how many characters can be in a party at one time, so there may need to be one type left out.

How Do I Get More Pulls in Alice Fiction?

Right now, the easiest way to get Alice Fiction codes is just to play the game. Gacha titles like this flood players with free pulls early on and then slowly taper off.

For the start of the game, you'll get 40 free pulls just to celebrate it hitting one million pre-registrations. Expect even more through various launch promotions as well.

Until the game launches, we suggest getting stuck into a popular Roblox game - which you can play on your phone as well. Load up the Project Slayers codes and the Project Slayers tier list pages in another tab and you'll get off to a flying start in the Demon Slayer-inspired fan adventure.