No Man's Sky: How to Get Frigate Fuel

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An industrial Freighter faces a planet in No Man's Sky.

In No Man's Sky, opportunities to explore planets and outer space are endless as you build bases, acquire new ships, and oversee settlements. Freighters can be particularly useful as a form of base in space that can take on missions and gather resources for you while you do other tasks. However, for a Freighter to work, you'll need Frigate Fuel to get it going.

In this guide, we explain how to get the Frigate Fuel blueprint and craft it in No Man's Sky.

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How to Get Frigate Fuel

A player is given the Frigate Fuel blueprint after taking command of their first Freighter in No Man's Sky.
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After getting a Freighter in No Man's Sky, you're required to build the Fleet Command Station before it can embark on any missions. Once this has been constructed, you'll be given the Frigate Fuel blueprint, as well as 50 tonnes of Frigate Fuel itself to get you started.

Following this, you can inspect your inventory to see that you now have three new crafting recipes for varying amounts of Frigate Fuel. You can craft 50, 100, or 200 tonnes of it at a time.

To later acquire more Frigate Fuel, you will need Di-hydrogen and Tritium. The amount required varies depending on how much fuel you are crafting:

  • 50 Tonnes Frigate Fuel: 50 Di-hydrogen + 50 Tritium
  • 100 Tonnes Frigate Fuel: 100 Di-hydrogen + 100 Tritium
  • 200 Tonnes Frigate Fuel: 200 Di-hydrogen + 200 Tritium
The recipe for 200 tonnes of Frigate Fuel, using Di-hydrogen and Tritium, is shown in the crafting area of the player inventory in No Man's Sky.
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Di-hydrogen can easily be farmed by mining the relevant crystals on planet surfaces, while Tritium can be gathered by shooting asteroids in space. With both resources easy to gather, crafting and getting more Frigate Fuel itself is quite an easy endeavour too.

That's all you need to know about gathering Frigate Fuel in No Man's Sky. The real issue lies with getting your hands on a Freighter, but luckily, we have a guide on how to get a free Freighter here. Alternatively, save up those Units using our guide on how to make money quickly, and you'll have an abundance of Freighters in need of Frigate Fuel in no time at all.

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