Nintendo Switch Consoles Hit 89 Million Sales Despite A Slump

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The Nintendo Switch console family has just hit 89.04 million sales. Confirmed within Nintendo's latest financial results today for Q1 2021, that revealed three new games had now exceeded 1 million sales: New Pokémon Snap, Mario Golf: Super Rush and Miitopia. Within the wider report, we got a look at hardware sales too.

Between April and June 2021, Switch sold 4.45 million units (3.31 for the original model, 1.14 million for Lite). However, Nintendo reported that sales are down from last year's results, saying sales actually slumped by 21.7%. The reason? Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Nintendo Switch Consoles Hit 89 Million Sales Despite A Slump

Having hit an incredible 32.6 million sales in just over a year, few can deny that New Horizons was a killer app for Nintendo. Though sales increased by 1.26 million, making it the second best-selling Switch game behind Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at 33.89 million, Nintendo's not had a similar breakaway seller this year.

Still, even with this year-on-year drop, Switch remains a highly competitive console. At 89.04 million lifetime sales, it continues gaining ground on the Wii, which remains Nintendo's best-selling home console at 101.63 million. With the Switch OLED launching this October, we'll likely see that climb even higher.

Source: Nintendo Life via Nintendo