Switch Sports Golf - Release Date and Price

Image of the grassy golf course in Switch Sports.

Image of the grassy golf course in Switch Sports.

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The much-anticipated Switch Sports is finally here, but keen-eyed fans will notice that a few Wii Sports favourites from back in the day are missing at launch. Beyond Baseball, Switch Sports golf is a painful omission as well - but it's coming. Here's what we know about the upcoming addition to the game.

Noted as enough of a Wii Sports favourite to be in the works but not ready in time for launch, there are a few ways to look at the exclusion of Switch Sports golf: either it wasn't ready for the April launch of the game, or it's being held back to keep post-launch interest driving sales. Either way, here's when it's coming, and how it'll look.

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When Is The Switch Sports Golf Release Date?

The Switch Sports golf mode is due to arrive at some point in autumn 2022. Nintendo has yet to give a specific date or even a month to mark on your calendar, but it wasted no time in ensuring the game's reveal trailer let everyone know that it would be coming later down the line.

If you picked up Switch Sports expecting a next-gen replica of the casual motion-controlled sports game from 2006, you'll likely have noticed that the sports on offer differ quite a bit.

When the game was announced at the February 2022 Nintendo Direct event, it was made clear that golf sadly wouldn't launch with the base game. Instead, it was shown off in the same showcase with a tentative "fall 2022" release window.

Image of golf gameplay in Switch Sports.
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Will Switch Sports Golf Be Free?

Also announced at the same time is that the Switch Sports golf mode would come as a completely free update to the game. Once it's live, just let your game update itself over the internet and you'll be able to select and play the Switch Sports golf mode like any other sport on there right now. So you're buying the game now, don't worry: you won't have to pay for golf later down the line.

Now that Switch Sports is out and public, you can imagine that discussion around the golf mode will increase. Therefore, we wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo releases an update soon on how golf is progressing.

Better yet, we could even see a return of the open playtest campaign that let us try the game shortly after it was announced. If Nintendo wants to drum up interest again in time for its release, that'll be one way to do it.

And that's it for our early look at the Switch Sports golf release date! If you've got the game already, check out our multiplayer guide so you can find out exactly how to dive into the competitive and deep online modes.

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