New World Open Beta Announced To Test Servers Issues Before Launch

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Amazon Games has announced a short open beta to test server stability ahead of the full release on September 28th after the game was delayed for the second time after the previous closed beta.

On September 9th at 7:00 am PT, players will be able to venture into Aeternum once more and have one final look before the servers go down on September 12th at 11:59 pm PT.

"Open Beta is an important test for our server infrastructure and will feature a higher server capacity than the Closed Beta, but will not represent the full server capacity available at launch. Players may experience queue times during the Open Beta test". Amazon has said.

None of the progress players make during this test will carry over to the launch of the game later in the month, this test is purely a server infrastructure test to ensure all players have a smooth launch day.


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New World Open Beta Announced To Test Servers Issues Before Launch

Players who participated in the closed beta will need to redownload the game again through the steam download tool which will go live one day before the launch of the test.

New World was delayed again after the previous beta test due to player feedback and issues with server stability and queue times.


The highly anticipated MMO had recorded over 200,000 players during the peak of the beta, so it's no surprise that there were long queue times and stability issues.

New World will finally launch on September 28th.