Amazon's New World Records 200,000 Concurrent Players

Amazon's ambitious New World launched its closed beta last week, giving fantasy enthusiasts a taste of what the MMORPG has in store.

And it seems like the world's largest retailer may have a hit on its hands, as the supernatural fantasy adventure experienced a successful launch.

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Amazon's New World Records 200,000 Concurrent Players

As listed by Steamdb, the MMORPG hit six-figure digits for its player count.

With the beta beginning on July 20th, New World's first 24 hours recorded 200,856 online players.

To put that into perspective, it was the 6th most popular game across the whole of Steam. The Amazon production was ahead of some of the biggest performers on the Steam charts, including Rainbow Six Siege, Rust, Warframe, and Football Manager 2021.

Image showing Amazon's New World current Steam player count for 26/07/2021, with 95,079 players currently
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At the moment of writing, there are currently 95,079 recorded users playing the MMO.

The beta will continue until August 2nd.

Originally due to launch in May, the aforementioned RPG is set to release fully on August 31.

Offering PvP, instanced dungeons, and a range of features set to be added post-launch, Amazon's Game Studios brand appears to have its first big hit.

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