New World Trailer Shows What to Expect This August From Amazon

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New World is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs coming out this year.

Developed by Amazon Games, the studio takes on the ambitious task of creating a high-quality MMO.


After the game was delayed last year, fans were disappointed to hear that they will have to wait, however, the decision was welcomed as there were clear problems during the first alpha test.

Amazon has been hard at work and has completely redesigned problems the players outlined during the test.

Instanced dungeons and PvP has seen a complete overhaul and players have been positive about the changes.

As we get closer to the launch date of August 31st, Amazon is continuing to give constant gameplay updates to the player base, and today have released an official trailer for the release of the game.


New World Trailer Shows What to Expect This August From Amazon.

Watch New World: This is Aeternum Trailer:

The first closed beta test will be available to lucky sign-ups and players who support the game by pre-purchasing, on July 20, 2021.


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This beta will be the first time players will be able to see the new Ebonscale Reach end game zone, Expeditions, that are 5 player dungeons, and Outpost Rush, the game's new 20 vs. 20 PvP mode.

We hope to see a successful beta test in July to iron out any issues that may be present before the full release of the game on August 31st.