New World Won't Have PvP Servers, Dev Team Says

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Amazon's New World just exited its first open beta, where eager players had a chance to wander the wilds and maybe clobber each other a bit when they felt like it.

That clobbering won't be a full feature at launch, though, as the development team said there will be no New World PvP servers for a while, if at all.


The response came from dev team member "Windsward," who jumped into a 25-page long thread about why New World needs dedicated PvP modes.

Players offered countless ideas for how it should work and reasons why it's vital for the game's future, but Windsward said that vision might not be possible.

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New World Won't Have PvP Servers, Dev Team Says

"We don't have plans for dedicated PvP servers at launch," they said. "The main issue is dividing dev and support requirements between slightly different versions of the game."

"Then we'd have to be really clear about what long term support would look like, since those PvP server players would expect game updates targeting their version of the game too but mapping to their top needs and wants, separate from how the majority of other players were playing NW."

Everyone ignored the statement and kept talking, but Windsward's comment pointed out the reality of maintaining live service games. Not only does implementing new features depend on how strong the player base is, but it also means taking time and resources away from the team working the main game.


The beta clocked 200,000 concurrent players, though naturally, the full launch might not boast the same numbers.

Whatever the case, New World's PvE shows good promise, even though we'll have to wait a while longer before we can try the full version.