MU Origin 3 class tier list (March 2024) - Best classes for PVP and PVE

Image of several classes preparing for battle in MU Origin 3.

Image of several classes preparing for battle in MU Origin 3.

March 13, 2024: In need of a MU Origin 3 class tier list? The new mobile MMORPG is finally out now, and players are keen to learn about which classes perform best in the PVP and PVE modes. Luckily we've got you covered, with an overall breakdown of the available classes, followed by a more detailed look at specific PVP and PVE builds.

In this MU Origin 3 guide, we'll make sure you're completely prepared to dive into the game. Armed with a compherensive tier list as well as specific class breakdowns, you should be ready to boss any battle you go into.

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MU Origin 3 class tier list

See the table below for our MU Origin 3 tier list, ranking the six characters currently available in the game. Each of the three classes, Mage, Swordsman, and Archer has two sub-classes, which we've ranked here.

MU Origin 3 class tier list


Forbidden Mage


The Knight


The Fighter


Holy Archer

Given how few classes currently exist in the game, a lot of the choice is down to individual preference. If you like a burly melee approach, then you'll find nobody better than the Knight. However, if a support role is more up your street, then you may want to choose Holy Archer.

However, you should note that you only unlock the subclasses once you hit P4 on the progression tree. That could take quite a while, so until then you'll be grinding through the game as either a Mage, Swordsman, or Archer.

It's worth trying out the six different classes in MU Origin 3, to see which one suits your style best.

Image of three armored fighters in MU Origin 3.
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What is the best MU Origin 3 PVP class?

For our money, the best MU Origin 3 class for PVP modes is a no brainer: the Knight, within the Swordsman class. That's down to its blistering damage stats and health pool, making it probably the best all-rounder in the game.

Combining a decent level of HP with some really powerful attacks, the chances are you won't lose a 1v1 encounter in PVP with the Knight. Of course, you may not sweep through every fight without trying, but it's definitely the best PVP class.

What is the best MU Origin 3 PVE class?

The best PVE class in MU Origin 3 is a slightly trickier choice, because there isn't a clear winner within the six options. However, there is one that's probably worth choosing, based on their damage radius. That's the Magister class within the Mage character.

The main reason that Magier is best in PVE is due to the dome of damage they can do to several enemies within the blast radius. Since you'll be struggling against waves of bot enemies in PVE, it's an effective way of taking them all down in one fell swoop.

That's it for our MU Origin 3 class tier list! Be sure to check back, because we'll update our rankings as soon as new classes land in the game. Until then, feel free to check out our Catalyst Black tier list, for another brand-new mobile game.

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