Catalyst Black Tier List - Best Banners Ranked

Image of an operator and their primal form in Catalyst Black.

Need a Catalyst Black tier list? The new mobile brawler from Super Evil Corp looks set to bring Overwatch-style arena combat to handheld devices, and as such players are unsurprisingly eager to see how each of the various banners match up. Choosing the right one can be the difference between stomping on public lobbies or finding yourself bottom of the leaderboard, so it's crucial to get it right.

This Catalyst Black tier list will rank the nine banners available in the game at launch, based on how useful we believe they'll be in combat. We'll also explain why the top-tier banners earn their place, while also outlining how to unlock more banners to spice up your approach to matches.

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Catalyst Black Tier List - Best Banners

Banner name
Assassin, Protector
Primal Hunter, Primalist
Ranger, Seeker, Support

Check the table above for our ranking of the nine banners currently in Catalyst Black. Since the game isn't out yet and only a very small amount of players have access to the game, we've based on rankings on previous MOBA experience, and how useful each banner sounds like it'll be in combat. Of course, once the game is publicly released and a more concrete meta is established, we'll update our Catalyst Black tier list to reflect those changes.

Who Is The Best Catalyst Black Banners?

In our opinion based on pre-release information, Vanguard will be the best banner in Catalyst Black in the early stages. This powerup gives you a small health boost each time you deal damage to an enemy, which can be crucial if you're on your last legs following a tense encounter. The key distinction is that you don't even need to kill an enemy to get the extra HP, so it certainly favours players who focus on attacking stats.

Elsewhere, some of the other banners are worth trying out depending on your play style. Chief among them is Assassin, which dishes out extra damage when you're within 6 metres of an enemy. It can be especially handy in close-combat skirmishes with more than one rival player in close proximity, letting you deal out more damage per hit than they can.

The final suggestion for players looking for the best banner is Protector, which is less attack-minded than the other two. It's an overall buff to your maximum HP, so you can play more of a tank role in taking damage while more nimble teammates lay down fire on enemies.

How Do I Get More Catalyst Black Banners?

Since Catalyst Black isn't out yet, we don't know exactly what you need to do it get new banners. However, we presume it'll be an unlock mechanic where you spend the base currency on acquiring a banner, then upgrade points on honing its abilities and becoming more effective. Of course, once the game is live we'll be able to know a bit more.

Nonetheless, we do know that you'll equip your banner prior to a match through the game's extensive loadout customisation options, so there will likely be a gallery on that page detailing all of the abilities on offer, as well as how much they cost.

When Is The Catalyst Black Release Date?

Catalyst Black releases worldwide on iOS and Android on May 25, 2022. As such, there are only a couple of short weeks left to wait before this battleground-based mobile brawler is out there for good. Alongside that, you can expect more banners, weapons, and cosmetics to emerge, keeping players hooked for even longer.

That's it for our Catalyst Black tier list! Be sure to check back soon, because we'll update our rankings once more banners are added, and once a decent meta is established following launch. Until then, feel free to grab some Catalyst Black codes to reel in the in-game items!

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